Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Seattle 1991 Continues:Bumbershoot

Aug 31, 1991,

I went to the Bumbershoot festival today in Seattle Center. It was quite fun, I had seen a number of local punk/rock type bands along with Booker T and the MGs. that was quite cool. It was seven bucks but worth it. I visited the Science Center which was a load of fun. I then came back after looking at some art. I was hanging out here for an hour and then went back. I missed BB King but saw a Cajun band and a wonderful folk band "Marley's Ghost" and various small bands around the festival. Bands like Skinyard, Mono Men and Love Battery at the Bumber Club. Alan Ginsberg was there but I didn't see him. I ate a lot of pretzels man.

2011 Update- I love Bumbershoot. It's a Labor Day weekend day festival that charges one price for a full day opportunity to see various acts in music, comedy, poetry and lots and lots of art. It is a great opportunity to catxch marginal acts that you might not pay full price to see by themselves. You can go from place to place all for one price. 1991 was the first one I went to and I was very open minded in checking out as much bands as possible. If you get bored you move to another act, another venue. Or check out art. 7 bucks was a huge bargain in 1991. It's 35 dollars a day in 2011 but much cheaper than your avegare cost for a concert.

Over the years I've seen James Brown, The Violent Femmes, Jimmy Dale Gilmore, Beck, Parliment, The Sex Pistols, Joan Jett, Sir Mix-a-lot, Tony Bennet, The Blind Boys of Alabama, And on one memorable occasion, on one day, one stage even I saw Roger McGuinn, Mel Torme, Mudhoney and the Ramones.

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