Sunday, August 21, 2011

Portland 1991 Continues...Part III

Aug. 21, 1991,

Well, It's back to exploring by myself. I really didn't do much new today. I went to the museum of advertising which charged $3 dollars but I walked in without paying. It really wasn't worth it. It was good for being free but anyway. I spent most of the day in Powell's bookstore and at Ira Keller's fountain, Which should be considered THE Portland landmark. It's excellent and a load of fun. Powell's bookstore is even more excellent with the coffee shop. I bought a book there to compensate for the books I DIDN'T buy. It's an I.B. Singer book of short stories, Which suits me fine.

Some weird woman today approached me. She said "Did you know Jesus loves you?" I replied "Yes, He does." and she looked dumbfounded when I went on my merry way.

2011 Update: I realized that I have about a two to three day tolerance of visiting cities when I'm by myself. I felt I got all I could get out of Portland back then. I was wrong but felt that Portland was not going to be the city that I would move to.

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