Thursday, October 30, 2008


Well, the Phils won the World Series this years. Good for them, they now have won their second World Series. This equals the amount the Mets, Blue Jays, and Marlins have won. Of course the Phillies have been around since the World Series been in existence in 1903.

Jealous? Hell, yeah! The Phillies fan has waited 28 years for this. Now, the Mets have gone 22 years without a title. That means there are people who are legally allowed to drink were not born after the last time they won. I was in college when they won.

That's a sobering thought.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's Been A Year...

A year ago today I got into a car accident. It would not be a big deal especially since I did not get hurt. I was on my way to my first official day of my new job and I wanted to make a good first impression. It was not a good year and I was trying to work my way out of my mess. I did not need this accident.

You see, I was in a dire financial situation. I had moved back to New Jersey from Seattle to be with a woman I loved. I felt she was worth the risk. I would be with her, near my family and reconnect with old friends who would get me a decent paying job. It would be great.

I was hoping to get some graphic design sort of job. After all, New York is the best market to get a job in the field. Well, a friend I was planning on begging a job from, had moved away to the Midwest two days after I returned. My other friends who worked there would soon be laid off. One of them, along with another friend had made it clear I needed to improve my portfolio. Admittedly, I allowed my work to suffer when I was going through some stress after a devastating breakup a few years before. I was not up to date with graphic programs and needed to show some skill and ability.

While I was working on my artwork, I continued to search for new work. I was unsuccessful enough to take on temporary jobs that help keep me in a work mode. The jobs sucked. One was temporary, paid well, but did not have many hours. Eventually I fell back into restaurant work as a cook. I didn't mind doing the work in Seattle. It paid enough to get by and then some.

It was always easy to get work. Especially in New Jersey. I found out why. It's a shady deal here. Most of the owners are low paying, illegals hiring, corrupt tax dodgers.

There was no pride in food quality. We cooks were there merely as an excuse to sell booze. It was hard to be treated like shit, especially the illegals. Unlike in Seattle, I wasn't able to leave my work behind when I went home. I tried to hide it from my girlfriend but hearing her complain about her easier, better paying job usually got my blood boiling. Who is she to complain after all?

So I continued to work on my portfolio, look for better work on the web and get inspired by what was out there. I was getting flack from my girlfriend and my family for my inability to get a good job. I was never good at lying about my skills and selling myself. Even intervies that went well wasn't enough to get me the job. Heck, a guy who looked to hire me got fired himself!

When my girlfriend went on her fourth vacation without me AND without telling me (I know). I knew that soon I HAD to get a better paying job. New Jersey got too expensive and the job I had paid too little. I had applied to the job I have now, A government job in Homeland Security. Starting pay was good enough to give it a shot. I also applied to UPS because everyone I cared about thought it was a good idea. Both these jobs took longer to get back to me than any other job I have ever had. While waiting for these jobs and shortly after my girlfriend got back from Vegas, she left me for parts unknown, with four months left on the lease.

Now, I had spent a lot of money moving back from Seattle, spent a lot of my own money to move into our apartment in the first place, got screwed by my old bank Wells Fargo when I looked to transfer my funds to my new bank, I lost most of my savings to start my life with this ungrateful woman. I did not invite nor did I need this to happen.

While I was waiting for UPS and the government to get back at me for the jobs I applied to. Meanwhile I kept applying to graphic design jobs, getting interviews and getting quicker responses on letting me know I didn't get the job. One really liked my stuff but felt my commute was too long. (This was later, after I moved,If the job came up two months before I coulda moved to Brooklyn!) My luck was shit.

Soon, the stress of everything got to me so much I got into an argument with my boss on how he was treating us on a busy Saturday night. Since I'm an American citizen I didn't have to worry about getting deported or arrested, I just had to worry about getting fired.

So I did.

That was okay. The place is a mess. It's really a night club bar that pretends it's a restaurant. The managers were mostly idiots. The owner, shady. I left, applied for unemployment and got my call from UPS. Unfortunately UPS pulled a "bait-n-switch" on me on the job I applied to. I didn't get the full time driver job I applied to and was offered a part time loading job. Well, I had to take it in order to continue to get unemployment which I needed to stay alive, barely.

Meanwhile I had to move out of the apartment. My lease was up, they don't do month to month and it was too expensive for one person and too small for non lovers to be roommates. I was having a hard time finding one that was within my price range. I got rejected no less from an apartment I could afford because according to them I didn't make enough money. I was getting desperate when I got wind of two apartments. They were both cheaper but of lesser quality than the one I got rejected from. One was teeny tiny but in a nice area of Atlantic Highlands. The other was bigger but in a not so good section of Asbury Park. Since the landlord in Atlantic Highlands only asked me where I worked instead of insisting on seeing every aspect of my work and money history, I moved to Atlantic Highlands.

I didn't do much in the first two months I lived there, I was STILL waiting for my government job. Meanwhile I explored my immediate area by bicycle and kinda like the area.

So, finally I got the job, got trained and got into my car accident.

It wasn't my fault, but my car was totalled and I had to wait two weeks plus before I found out the other driver took responsibility. Meanwhile I was fortunate that my dad came through to help me with his car and keep my sanity intact by looking at the big picture. I thought it was the end of the world for me. I don't believe in God but I do believe in karma and it was telling me something. Karma musta been mumblin' because I had no idea what it was.

Anyway, I got a new car, worked both jobs until I went full time for the government and am doing much better now, thank you very much. I am probably one of the few people in this country who is doing much better in the last year.

For that I am thankful.

Happy Halloween!

New Pipe Dreams Cartoon!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Some Fun PrObama Ads


Here's an updated ad with the "Wassup" guys. The full cast returns but all is not well. The last 8 years have been hard on our friends and they hope to look forward to Wassup. It's funny and sad at the same time.

Ron Howard's Call To Action from Ron Howard and Henry Winkler has Ron Howard going back in time to talk to Sheriff Andy Taylor and Arthur Fonzerelli about why we need to vote for Obama. It's a hoot.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Pipe Dreams Cartoon!!!

Random Thoughts

Sarah Palin talks about "real" America verses "fake" America. This comes from a woman who still wants us to believe "Joe" is a real plumber.

Why does that make me think of an old Jimmy Stewart, John Wayne movie?

John McCain's judgement is so impeccable he waits until Bush's tax plan plunges the economy into a tailspin before he supports it. same with the Iraq war.

Why does this make me think John McCain is the second coming of Slim Pickens from "Dr. Strangelove"


John McCain says he doesn't need to be tested, he's already been tested! This explains why he was 894th out of 899 in his class. He was in the top 99%! whooohooo!


That's More Than Six Years Worth Of John Edward Haircuts!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I went to a facebook link to an anti-Obama group. I wanted to comment on it, but I didn't want my good name to be tainted with its connection.

However, what a bunch of delusional crazy people on the site. Oh, by the way it only took three comments wehn I came across a threatening message using a racist slur.

It reads...

bout Obama:

ATTENTION! all hunters with dogs & guns, report to Washington DC immediately. There's a coon trying to get in the white house

Oh wait! He wasn't being racist, he was referring to raccoons! And he was celebrating the fact you can have a gun in DC and apparently the White House is overrun with rabid animals. Oh wait, That's not it. Karl Rove is in New York City working for Fox.

Another poster (a black man according to the profile photo) asks this question.

maverick/barracuda or socialist/plagerist? (sic)

Let's see, should I vote for a cow who lost his way, whose running mate is an unevolved fish with a severe under bite?

or should I vote for humans?

I can't make this crap up. This guy wants us to vote for relics of the 70's

My friend Sean is depressed that the country may be stupid enough to vote for McCain/Palin. I'm not, but I fear even more what the losers are going to do when Obama inhabits the Oval Office.

They are very mad and irrational out there. Look what they did when a white man was in the white house making America great again in the 90's.

"He's Blinks, She Winks, They BOTH don't Think"

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Pipe Dreams Cartoon!!!

Oh Say Can You See America?

So Sarah Palin in one of her brilliant moments said that Obama "is not a man who sees America the way we see America"

This comes from a woman who uses the fact she can see Russia (although she HASN'T) from Alaska.

She likes to throw in the fact that Alaska borders yet another country, Canada.

Here's the rub, She can't see the REST of America from Alaska.

The "real" America.

I mean, come on folks, Alaska is the most "exotic" state in the Union. How can you trust some one to be vice-president who doesn't see the sun in December?

In The News...

I was listening to the news today, oooh boy, The headline after the economy news was about the execution of Richard Wade Cooey II. A real douche bag whose crime was quite horrifying.

They mentioned how he tried put off his execution for being cruel and unusual because he's...

... fat.

Well, that argument was presented before when the method of execution was hanging. I have no sympathy but the hanging argument rings true. It rings true but, Lethal injection? Cruel and unusual for fat people?

How? Is it because it takes longer for the poison to hit the heart? To me ALL forms of executions are cruel, but lethal injection seems to be the least. That would be the way I would go if I find myself on death row but on one condition...

I want to be injected with heroin.

I mean, why not? It would feel good, many people chose heroin as recreation. Maybe death wouldn't be so scary. I wouldn't deserve it, but I doubt anyone would whine about how cruel it is be injected with sweet sweet heroin.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Vanity piece

I spent the day working on this piece, gathering all my photo booth pictures while filling up some gaps with other photos

I Got Caught...

So, I'm hanging out in a club when some woman caught me looking at her breasts.

"Why are you looking at my tits?"

"Uhh, sorry they just got in my line of vision"

"That doesn't give you the right to look at my tits"

"I was looking at your tattoo"

"So? You didn't have to look at my tits"

"Well, it had some words on it, I wanted to know what they said"

"What could possibly be written that would have you look at my tits?"

"Well, it says 'Look At My Tits'!"

Monday, October 06, 2008

I'm Creeped Out By This....

You ever see those DirectTv ads where they show an 80's movie an do a re-enaction using an original actor breaking the fourth wall talking to us about Direct TV.

It's creepy enough seeing the actor twenty years older playing the role, especially a Grecian formula saturated Ben Stein doing his "Bueller, Bueller" line.
The latest one is one that disturbs me to no end. It's one that features Craig T. Nelson with his hair slicked back re-enacting his character form Poltergeist. Well, since Poltergeist most famous line "They're Heeeere" is featured in the commercial, you get to see a dead girl, namely, Heather O'Rourke, who died in 1988 at the age of twelve.

I'd have to think Craig T. Nelson musted been creeped out too.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Recent Karaoke Songs I Did (No Theme)

I love doing my karaoke. I compare it to my dad doing his bagpipes and my mom doing her dancing. Or maybe guys playing poker. It's something I enjoy doing when I have days off.

Anyway, I'm enjoying it more these days. I guess it's because I know not many people have the time to have the fun I have. Too busy working or raising a family. I wish I was, but there you have it.

Anyway, these are the videos for the songs I did the last few days.

"Rock your Baby" by George McCrae
George Mc Crae-Rock Your Baby

This is a song I do pretty well, surprisingly. this song was brought to you courtesey of KC of the Sunshine Band. I love the dancers in this clip. I'm not sure if it's a promo or a clip from a show that's not Soul Train.

"New World Man" by Rush (The Canadian Band)

I like Rush, not a lot. I can't sing pretty much any Rush song. This one's an exception. Geddy Lee isn't in squeak voice form in it. The clip is from the mid 80's with Geddy Lee in full mullet glory and Alex Lifeson in a pair of chef pants. I don't know why Neil Peart is wearing a clip-on pony tail but he's a hell of a drummer eh?

"Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress" by the Hollies
I've loved this song since I was a kid. I love other Hollies songs but this is the rocker. A crowd pleaser. This clip is one I thought couldn't possibly exist. The lead singer left the band before the song was released. To think, they had the foresite to make a promo clip. It's average, interesting for its nostalgia.

"Easy To Be Hard" by Three Dog Night

Speaking of nostalgia, nothing evokes the late 60's and 70's like Three Dog Night doing a song from the play "Hair". I love the beginning with the cars crashing into each other in anger. Love the bumper stickers that wouldn't stay on a car for more than five minutes.

I love Three Dog Night.

"How Sweet It Is" James Taylor

Like Patty Smith, my favorite songs from James Taylor are his cover songs. This time he covers a Motown classic that I fell is a little better. His nasal delivery gives it a charm I think is lacking in Marvin Gaye's version. I know, sacrilige. Anyway, I found a vintage clip from the time he was first staring to lose his hair. Hmm, I wonder how many toupees can be made from the bassist's beard?

"Mama We're All Krazee Now" Slade

I love Slade. I like to bring this song out and find a cool clip to put on the blog. I did the worst version of the song but the college kids liked it. No wonder they listen to the crap put out these days. the clip seems live and not a mime performance from Europe of course.

And there you are...

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The crow don't taste good.

The regular baseball season is over and typically as a Mets fan I was very disappointed with how it ended. On the last day of the season no less, again for the second season in a row!

Anyway, the fact the Mets weren't in it really affected my pre season predictions.

A recap from April...

NL East: New York Mets

NL Central: Chicago Cubs

NL West:Arizona Diamondbacks

NL Wild Card: Philadelphia Phillies

The only I got correct was the Cubs. I guessed the Phillies would be in the playoffs, but as a wild card so I was about half right there. The D-backs were in control most of the season but they faded earlier than the Mets.

My predictions, nay my desire is for the Brewers (who I thought would do well this year) to beat the Phillies, preferably a sweep.

I want the Cubs to win against the Dodgers because.... c'mon you HAVE to root for the Cubs unless your team's still in it.

I want the Cubs to beat the Brewers to win the next round to get in their first World Series since 1945!

In the American league I predicted

AL East: Boston Red Sox

AL Central:Detroit Tigers

AL West: Seattle Mariners

AL Wild Card: New York Yankees

These predictions are somewhat embarrassing because of how bad the Mariners and Tigers were. I wasn't the only one to make this mistake but still, PeeeYuuuu!

I picked the Yankees because they had been in the playoffs last year despite looking like they were out of it in May. This year, I felt they were out of it my the end of July. You can't count the Yankees until the... "Hey is that Liza getting ready to sing?"

Still the Rays were too good and the Red Sox looked solid even without Manny to give into any Yankee mystique.

I also didn't see the Angels coming on as strong as they did, and the Central division is always unpredictable. It came to two days after the end of the baseball season to determine that race.

So I will root for the Red Sox over the Angels because I kinda like the Red Sox and I hate the Yankees. I think the Yankees would be more pissed off at the Red Sox winning it all for a third time this century. All this in the year in which the non playoff Yankees won more games (89) than they did the last time they won the World Series in 2000 (87).

I'm rooting for the Rays over the White Sox just because the Rays are a fun team to watch. Plus they are a hatd luck team that's due for some respect unlike the Marlins. Plus being in Steinbrenner's hometown of Tampa adds to the Yankee pain.

After that I want the Rays to beat the Red Sox to face the Cubs and I want the Cubs to win so I don't have to hear any sob stories about curses.

The Red Sox broke the curse in 2004

Thwe White Sox won in 2005

It's only fair for the Cubs to win in 2008

If that happens, look out Indians fans!

I also made a "surprise" teams prediction. I picked one team from each division to come out of nowhere to win it all. I was a little too cute though I did pick one team and that was the Rays.

NL East: Washington Nationals

NL Central: Pittsburgh Pirates

NL West: San Francisco Giants

AL East: Tampa Bay Rays

AL Central: Kansas City Royals

AL West: Texas Rangers

As it turned out maybe the Brewers were the only other team to be a "surprise" team to get in the palyoffs. They did well last year though, until they faded at the end.

My World Series prediction is so embarrassing that it's only fair to present it in full disclosure.

World Series: Seattle over New York Mets

It seemed like a smart pick at the time...

New Pipe Dreams Cartoon!!!