Tuesday, July 24, 2012


 I whipped this up using bits and pieces of an older cartoon. I wanted to get this out quickly enough to comment on the shootings while the news is still relevant. I actually heard someone blame Obama for the fact the shooter was unemployed and thus went on his shooting spree. The person was a business owner who of course wants tax breaks, So it wasn't a stretch to come up with this punchline.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Actually Solyndra was built in 2005 during the Bush administration. Oops, that truth has a liberal bias again.

More Dumb memes

Some people have a hard time with what President Obama said in regards to doing things by themselves. Even taken out of context it's the truth. Especially when it comes to Mitt Romney. Born rich to a man who would not have been rich if it wasn't for the government taking the initiative top build roads for the auto industry that made Mitt's dad rich.

And let's look at the cartoon. It doesn't even mention government.

Listen you brat, It was your Dad's money that helped you built your lemonade stand, You didn't develop the plastic vessels that make sure your lemonade is contained. You didn't grow the lemons nor did you process the sugar that make up your lemonade. You didn't grow the trees that make up your pathetic stand nor did you forge the nails that barely hold it together. And that water? Clean fresh water thanks to the government that didn't bow down to private sector's demand to drill into an aquifer to mine it for nefarious purposes and poisoned it.

So you foul mouth runt, You just be thankful for all the help you got and don't get your nappies in a bunch because some man wiser than you speaks the truth.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Another Dumb meme.

One "joy" about being on facebook is that you find out that the people you grew up with weren't the exactly the enlightened people you thought they might be. I guess many of the people I grew up with never grew OUT of their narrow world view and they want the world to know it.

So you get stuff like the meme above.

Obama:  Gone !Okay, We get it. You hate President Obama and you want Mitt Romney to take over?

Borders: closed, eh? Well, The guy you hate is done more to close the borders than any Republican president ever. I don't see it improving with the guy whose dad was BORN south of the border because his granddad hated the American  laws that stated marriage is between one man and one woman. Of course the people who cry out most about not allowing immigrations are at best third generation Americans  from Italy, Germany, Ireland and other European countries who didn't have to do nearly as much to become a citizen of the US as people now. I guess they got theirs, screw the rest.

Language: English! Okay, Again many of our relatives from previous generations never learned English when they were here. Heck they couldn't even write anything beyond an "x" or a "o" but yet they were allowed to become Americans. These people who insist on English only are just revealing their own LACK of abilities to know more than one language and usually they haven't mastered even that. Newsflash, Most speak Spanish know English, they being Americans like the freedom to speak however they want. But good luck trying to open a business and thriving without knowing Spanish if you need to hire cheap laborers.We shouldn't dumb down the nation because you chose to be ignorant. So don't be so jealous of those who can speak a different language like French speaking Mitt Romney.

Culture: Constitution and the Bill of Right! Uhhh, I don't see how the foundation of our government has much to do with culture. But okay let's look at the first amendment to that Constitution. Freedom of Speech! Only if it's English? A lot of right wingers also talk about how certain things are not ALLOWED under the Constitution. I think they confuse the Constitution with the Bible and the Bill of Rights with the Ten Commandments. C'Mon people, it's the Bill of RIGHTS not the Bill of RULES. So why the right wingers wig out when people look to EXPAND our rights I don't get.

Drug Free: Mandatory Drug Testing before Welfare! Ahh, yes it amuses me to see people who were "burn outs" in high school lecture us on drug testing. Even more amusing how they call themselves fiscally responsible with these plans when every plan to drug test people costs a heck of a lot more money than giving out welfare without testing. I won't point out the unfairness of it because conservatives think it's wrong to do that until of course when they may find themselves answering to their own drug history including tobacco.

No Freebies to: Non Citizens! uhhh, what "freebies" would that be? Emergency room treatment? Sooooo we'll let EVERYONE sit and wait in the Emergency room while we try to figure out if they're legal. "Whoa whoa whoa don't treat that white guy, He may be Canadian!"

Balanced Budget: Under a Republican?  Good luck, It's been over a half century since they have presented a balanced budget. Bush nearly doubled the DEBT in his time and still has the record for highest deficit after inheriting a record SURPLUS from Clinton. Reagan tripled the debt and he couldn't use war as an excuse. Bush merely took the war off the books and it still hit record numbers.

Tax Reform: Hey I agree with that one. We've had this disastrous conservative tax structure for about 30 years and I think we need to go back to a tax structure similar to JFK's that conservatives like to point out as being ideal. Of course they only like it because JFK's was a cut from Eisenhower. What they DON'T tell you it was from 91% down to 70% for top earners. Conservatives like to say you can't start businesses with a high tax rate but some notable companies got their start when the tax rates were over 70% for top earners and thrived too. You might have heard of them: Apple, Microsoft, McDonalds, Starbucks, Target, Whole Foods, and yes even Wal-freakin-Mart!

Oh, you don't want THAT kinda reform.  Moving on...

Term Limits for Congress and Senators: Seems appealing but let's face it, It takes away our right to support the guy we like. I don't like term limits for Presidents either. I want Reagan to run in 1988 and lose and Bush to run in 2008 and lose and of course I woulda been happy if Clinton ran in 2000 and won. Sure politicians are useless but taking away our voting rights is not the way to go.

86% will send this on, Should be 100%: oops, Sorry to ruin the curve. I didn't send it or 'share' it. However I committed on it so that should count. Still, They are desperate to get the word out so they resort to intimidation to shame you into it. I doubt they follow it up but I get the feeling in the future someone is gonna unfriend me or guilt trip me cuz I didn't turn my profile pic pink in support of awareness of breast cancer. Sorry, I'm an independent thinker.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Oh Mittens....

Once again we have a Republican who is disgracing his father's name. First we had George Bush Jr. saying his father did not "finish the job" in Iraq and starting his own war that turned out to be a disaster. Now we have Mitt Romney dishonoring HIS father by not following his precedent in revealing a decade worth of tax records to prove he's worhty of being president.

What are you hiding Mitt? I'm sure it's all LEGAL.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

New Pipe Dreams

This is one of the ones that proved difficult to execute. Pipe Dreams tends to work best as a four panel or less strip but every once in a while I have to resort to awkward looking five panel strips. This takes time and the results aren't that great. Still like ti though.

Monday, July 09, 2012

Dumb Memes That Get Around

Being on facebook gets you familiar with friends old and new and their peculiar interests and points of view. Some times people point out their political point of view. Some are informed opinions, Others are funny zingers, still others are hateful rants with false information and still others are just dumb that makes no point other than that some people REALLY hate President Obama.

This one is in the fourth category.

"Barack Ollama". This one got posted by a guy who I grew up with in my redneck hometown. He linked it from "Can a Goat Get More Fans than Barack Obama?". Okay why a site named after a goat (?) would put Barack Obama as a LLAMA, I dunno. He thinks it's clever?

What's the joke? President Obama is a llama? Tell me why it's funny other than the old time style racist "humor" of demeaning black folks as animals?

"Oh it's not racism, I didn't compare him to a monkey!"


This is typical of the rampart racism that racists like to to pretend is not racism that has exploded since President Obama took office. It's a pathological hatred that goes way beyond typical partisan bickering. People getting way too upset about things that they didn't care about before he took office. Like the deficit, that is less than Bush's record high, tax rates that haven't gone up, and guns that haven't been taken away. It don't matter. As long as they can blame Obama, It don't matter that the facts say otherwise.

But this picture is so dumb. I guess they think it's a pun on his last name but it offers no harsh truth of his character or style. A llama?

I don't get it.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

New Pipe Dreams

I-Pads have become the most similar alternative to the daily newspaper to read articles. That's where this comes in...