Monday, August 15, 2011

My twenty year old diary continues...

I'm putting up my old journal entries to try to get myself motivated either in getting myself back to Seattle or at least try to spark my creativity. I will continue to post entries and drawings twenty years to the day I did them.

Thursday 8:05 A.M. Aug 15, 1991.

Well, I've settled in at a "Y" in downtown Seattle. It's a nice room although it's $37 a night although I get to use the fitness equipment. I'm in probably the most popular section of Seattle. I'm walking distance from the Space Needle, the Kingdome, and Pike Place Market. I'm not sure what to do today.All I know is that I've got to unload some of the things I bought with me. I exhausted myself tremendously yesterday walking a mere 6 blocks from the bus station. I make take in the ballgame today. I'm near the library. I have to check out the market in jobs and everything. Get some business cards printed. This city is more expensive than I thought. I'll stay here through Friday night and then I'll hit a hostel.

I missed my initial flight yesterday. No excuse, except I nodded off and didn't hear the flight announcement. It really wasn't too bad, I was able to get another flight that made a stop in Denver. I had visions of one of the planes going down in a fiery crash. Everything went well until I got to the airport and picked up my stuff, That's when I first realized how heavy and bulky my backpack was. I also lost a crucial buckle that made if difficult to move. I think I might mail stuff back (particularly my comics) to unload some unnecessary bulk. I brought too many clothes. Too much to the point where I have to unload these too. I'm leaving some here at the "Y". Joel was right. I'm going to have to get used to not having conversations with people. Everything is a transaction with people. (2011 ed. ?)

the air is cleaner here and the sea air is evident even here at the "Y". there's a lot of similarity to this "Y" as there was in Sloane House except the rooms have rug and nicer furniture. It would be really nice to have our dorms here but never mind, my college days are over and soon I head to the library again when it opens at nine.

Hey! I did the Space Needle thing! Damn! What a tourist trap! Maybe this is a tourist trap city. $4.75 for an elevator to the top. Well, it was a magnificent view so it so it wasn't wasted. Well still, $4.75. I was able to see the sunset. I wanted to jump. The Worlds Fair was here in 1962 and the area surrounding the needle is well manicured. I wondered if the Flushing-Meadows Park (Worlds Fair 1964) is in as good shape. (In 2011, Not nearly) Yeah, right we're talking N.Y.(Queens)

In fact. Ahhhhhh! I needed to check the yellow pages (2011 ?) for something but I forgot!! I'm so irresponsible. the people seem hostile! Not because they're mean, it's just well, everyone is a stranger and faces look ugly when you're alone. I haven't been here 24 hours yet, Oh well, It's still early, Not even 9:00. I got to mail these books home. Sigh!!! I wish at least one of my friends had come but, Well I had an agenda and a plan if I were to come by myself but anyway I'm lost, I don't know what approach to use. Maybe I won't see a game today. I'm definitely going to Pike St. Market but not until later in the day. AAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH!

till later.

P.S. the sports report does not go beyond Seattle. THANK GOD! I don't need to see more highlights of Mets losses and I can't get away from it in New York. Hey, The New York Times is out here. 75 cents a copy.

2011 Update: I forgot how anxious I was in those days being by myself for an extended period of time. Of course it was in the pre-Facebook days and so I was completely out of contact with people other than phone calls.

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