Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hostelling-Seattle -1991 style.

Aug. 30, 1991.

Yesterday, I checked into the downtown hostel in Seattle. I haven't done much, I tried to get in touch with my friend in the hopes to go out tonight. No such luck. Well, after writing some postcards I went to the Seattle Center to get a head start on the Bumbershoot weekend. I saw some really incredible works of art from women. It was intimidating, frightening, horrible and wonderful. There was media-oriented works that was cool

I also went to the Pioneer Square area and spent time in a book store carousing the books for a few hours. I bought some beads (2011-yeah, I bought beads) but I can't seem to string them together. I finally met up with my friend and went up to visit him. It was uneventful other than his roommate who is an extraordinary craftsman with amazing skills with furniture and fixing up junk. It's a fine place with good view and my friend seems to have a good life. The tool shed was incredible.

2011- It was weird to see an old school chum in the new city. I was hoping to lean on him a bit but felt we weren't close enough for me to take advantage of any favors. Plus I was hung up on trying to get my comic strip "Pipe Dreams" going and the idea of manual labor at the time for some reason I felt was beneath me. On retrospect I was definitely a snob and should have jump into developing new skills.

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