Thursday, August 25, 2011

Go Go Frisco!

Aug. 25, 1991

Saturday...actually I'm writing this Monday but it's actually about Saturday, Get it? Let's see....ah yes... Saturday I wake up before my roommate Antony. I was on the roof meditating a bit when this girl from Germany came up looking for a room. That room just happened to be the room where a girl I met Friday was. I struck up some small talk with her and though I felt somewhat unnerved by me. We talked for a half hour and I invited her to spend the day with me, Antony and Helen. It was a touristy day. We went back to Fisherman's Wharf. We rode the trolley which was cool. We had free passes from the other day from a guy I met in Portland. We spent too much time in Fisherman's Wharf which depressed the hell out of me. It's a lousy place to hang out. We did a little walking through North Beach and stopped at a cafe and at a park near a beautiful church. The German girl, Demit (I think) was a firecracker ready to explode! She turned out to be nuts. After a while we went through Chinatown and went back to the hostel. We hung out for a while and went to a dumb club with me, Antony, Helen, Demit, Remsy, and two German brothers and Karin. It was typical loud dance music with a yuppie crowd. We left looking for other clubs in the area but since half of us were underaged we had a hard time getting in. After a while Remsy and I got fed up and went back. End of evening.

2011 Update: the way I read this today I see that I was a killjoy at times. It usually happens when I'm hanging with a group larger than six people. It took me years to break that habit but I still slip up even these days.

Sunday started out with the usual fumbling around and doing nothing. We had to catch a 10:45 boat going to Alcatraz. Man, What a trap! God! San Francisco worse than New York with its touristy junk and rip off sights. Alcatraz was dull, expensive and unauthentic. We weren't able to get off the regimented path. A little bit of history was learned here but I tell ya, there's nothing more frustrating than a tourist attraction that originally was used for a different purpose.

Once we got out of there I decide I wanted to walk to Haight-Ashbury (Against Antony's wishes) It was on this walk I finally got an appreciation for San Francisco. I was finally able to see how the natives lived and saw some of the famed streets that you always see in movies and TV. Antony was somewhat perturbed at the idea of walking but I tricked him in thinking the walk wasn't gonna be too long. I've had to compromise more but dammit! this is what exploring a city is really like. We finally got to the Haight and took the obligatory picture at Haight Ashbury. Although we only spent about a half hour there, It made up for the other crap we did. The park, (Golden State) seems like a wonderful place to spend the day (2011 It sure as hell is!) but alas! no. It's back to the hostel. Maybe someday I'll spend a long weekend here depending on what job I get.

I didn't do much in the evening. We got a new roommate. He's kind of a macho jerk. I was hanging out with him in the common room when he went up to get a beer. While he was away, I struck up a conversation with two British girls, both named Kathy and we were joined by another girl from Denmark. I was having a great time with them when whats-his-name came back. At first I thought he was gonna sit away from us and watch TV. But he joined us much to my dismay. It was no problem until it got late and we went back to our respective rooms. When he went into a misogynist rant to describe the girls.

God!!!! And these girls were cool. One had the coolest face (2011-coolest face?) the other a cool voice and the third a nice plump body. If you think THAT'S crude? Hah!

P.S. I called the guys today.

I've periodically read my sketchbooks over the years but I don't recall when I last read this entry. It flooded me with the memories of that Sunday night in San Fransisco. I forgot that I didn't got out much at night at the time. It would be about another 6 months when I would go out regularly at night. Ugh, that guy who was my roommate. I don't know where Antony was that night. I liked hanging out with him and we would have done well with these women being each other's wing man.

Ahh, the days when you had to call using a pay phone. I actually don't recall whether phone cards were in normal usage in 1991, so it's beyond my memory how I called.

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