Thursday, September 01, 2011

Seattle 1991: Oy!

Sept 1, 1991.

OK, not much today. I met this girl, Heck I met a lot of girls since I started hosteling. Well, there is one in particular. Her name is Brooke. She's this hippy type chick who is quite nice looking. She gives me this look that...oof!... I don't know .... She's quite nice and I've had quite long conversations with her. Although I've been rather the cad lately with the women around here in Seattle. I've flirted shamelessly with many women around without any regard for whether or not they minded or not.

Well, Brooke who I think digs me (2011-delusional) is quite talented with the beads. (2011-Yeah I was into the Bead Store at Pike Place Market once upon a time) We were walking around today and were approached by a couple looking to get rid of their Bumbershoot tickets for 5 bucks so we went together at first and had split up after the Indigo Girls concert. She said she'd meet up with me later at 11pm, but she didn't show up.

2011- Man, I wish I took pictures of the people I met along the way. These days that would be an easy proposition with digital cameras. Of course I would have liked having a cell phone in order to keep track of people and let them know where I was and give yup hope quicker when the stand me out.

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