Saturday, August 20, 2011

Portland 1991 Continues...

2011 Refresher:It took almost a week for me to get a hang of my traveling and to relax and enjoy myself. Portland was where I first got the impression of what the 1990s would be like and I was happy about that. Although I thought it was going to be more "hippy" like, It wasn't too far off from that San Francisco ideal "Summer of Love" vibe.

Tues. Aug 20, 1991.

A good day. (2011 whaaaa?)I settled into a hostel which is in a house in the middle of the bohemian section of Portland. I've spent nearly all my time with this girl from Australia named Justine. I think I'm falling for her. But it's probably just an initial attraction. She's really pretty and I spent the whole day with her. The problem is I want to kiss her and kiss her badly, often and everywhere. I haven't made any moves on her out of respect for HER feelings. (2011-hoo boy!)I feel a fraternal attraction to her. She's not a maternal figure nor am I a paternal figure (lotsa hippies around here) She's got pretty eyes, brown is color. a pleasant voice and is perhaps too good of a listener. anyways if nothing happens, that's fine because it was wonderful spending the time with her here in Portland.

We walked to the city center which is about two miles from the hostel. We went to a book store (A GREAT book store), Powell's. It had a cappuccino place where you can read (2011-unpurchased) books while eating. We then went to (Portland's) Pioneer Square and saw a reggae band. After that we sat at an excellent fountain that I waded through and watched kids at play. We then strolled through a college-like row of parks. We would swing on the swing set.

We then went to a nice museum that focused on the history of Oregon and we went back to the hostel to rest and recuperate for a bar-b-q here at the hostel, Which should be nice.

2011 Update: Ahhh, Justine. She was great. I was really hoping to keep it going with her. She went up to Seattle when I went down to San Francisco. She gave me a number to contact her up there but for whatever reason I didn't hook up with her again. She told me about the Lollapalooza show in Seattle. I went to it but wasn't able to spot her in the large crowd. I wish I took a picture of her but I guess I woulda felt it intrusive in those pre-digital camera, certainly pre-camera phone days.

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