Sunday, August 14, 2011

Twenty (gasp) Years Ago Today....

The reason I was posting a lot of videos from 1991 was because I had made the bold decision to move to Seattle on my own. I had gotten restless after I graduated from SVA and wanted to explore other parts of the country. It was hugely expensive to live in NYC and Hoboken and Jersey City hadn't revived itself into the hipster mecca it is today.

I had been wanting to head to a part of the country that would be the closest to what the Village in NYC was in the mid 60s and San Francisco in the late 60s. It had to somewhat cheap, On the cusp of a cultural Renaissance and had a major league baseball team. My plan was to explore the west coast, settle in the city I chose and conquer it with whatever creative explosion I could come up with. I knew I was going to chose Seattle, But I wanted to explore much of the west coast first.

I had documented my trip in a journal and I am transcribing it to my blog now. I wanted to try to recapture my goals and aspirations I had at 24. What follows is verbatum what I wrote with corrections only in spelling (Unless it's funny)and punctuation.

Aug, 14, 1991.

I'm finally in Seattle and I want to go home!!! Well, actually I haven't left the airport yet. It's been a "Duh! I'm so stupid" or a "Sob! I don't know what to do" day. My first task on this trip is to get to a "Y" to shack up for a few days. I missed the bus I needed to get only because I was waiting for it at the wrong spot. I got too much shit!! Oh well, moire incentive to get a job quick and an apartment. I've changed my agenda a little. I'll be here through the weekend. On Sunday I'll take a bus to Portland and spend the weekday(s) there and go to S. Fran on the weekend and stay a week there. I might do the hostel thing but later. I'm scared and alone. I hope things work out.

3:10 P.M. P.S.T.

2011 Update: I had missed my direct flight to Seattle (I was just out of listening distance of the boarding flights)and had to rebook a flight that took me to Denver first. I was lugging two huge backpacks with too many unnecessary items. And I was alone to figure things out in a pre-World Wide Web world.

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