Friday, September 30, 2011

My picks from the heart not from the smart.

Okay, It's that time of year where I root for baseball teams that aren't the New York Mets or the Seattle Mariners to win it all in the order in which I like them.

...and why.

1. Detroit Tigers- It wasn't too long ago (2003) that the Tigers set the American League record for most losses. Three years later they were in the World Series and right now have a more than decent chance to do it again. They've got a strong team offensively and the best pitcher in the American League along with this year's most successful closer. The city of Detroit is starting to recover from the depths of their economic crisis slowly and I like the idea that their sports teams are doing well so I'm rooting for them over the other 7 teams. Especially in the first round.

2. Milwaukee Brewers- Has been in one World Series back when they were in the American League. They have a chance for a re-match but not in the World Series but in the NLCS if they face the Cardinals. I like them enough despite the fact they were born from the ashes of the Seattle Pilots of 1969. Interesting trivia- The Milwaukee Brewers WITHOUT ever moving form their city has played in four different divisions, the American League West (1970-1971), the American League East (1972-1993), The American League Central (1994-1997), and currently the National League Central (1998-present) Any team with that kind of history is easy to root for.

3. Tampa Bay Rays- A hard luck team for most of its existence but almost a perennial playoff team now. Funny how getting rid of the "devil" part of the name has worked out for them. Still it took the classless Yankees to lay down for them to get in the playoffs. If both teams make the ALCS, I hope it bites the Yankees in the ass.

4. Texas Rangers-A team that has never won the World Series. I root for underdogs like that. I like Nolan Ryan and what he has done to the team but the Bush stank on its history still smolders, so it's hard to root for the Texas Rangers too much.

5. Philadelphia Phillies- Like the Red Sox and their recent success I still haven't learn to hate the Phillies and theirs. A hard luck franchise for most of their existence. But they have rubbed it in the Mets face with their success but with the Mets playing bad baseball the last few years, It can't truly be considered a rivalry.

6. Arizona Diamondbacks- An expansion team who I'm not anxious to match the Mets in World Series titles in a mere 14 years of existence.

7. St. Louis Cardinals- Still haven't gotten over 2006, Only reason to root for them is so they too will have 2 World Series championships in this century and 11 in their history. Enough to possible go on a three or four decade run to surpass the Yankees in championships.

8. New York Yankees- Like rooting for a billionaire to get a tax payer bailout.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Epic collapses in MLB recent history..

2011 Braves September

2011 Red Sox September

Compare it to the 2007 New York Mets

Both the Red Sox and the Braves would have killed to have the .500 record the Mets had in their epic collapse.

I guess I can feel a little bit better, However a perennial playoff team for the Mets future would soothe the pain better.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Now It's Only Oakland In a Football/Baseball Stadium

So the Florida Marlins play their last game in the only place they have called home since their beginning in 1993. They have the longest tenure of any MLB team in their original home ballpark until they finish today. They have the third longest tenure (believe it or not) of any National league ball team in the same park after the Cubs and the Dodgers. The Marlins moving will also eliminate the second to last venue that has both the NFL and MLB which was common place as recently as 15 years ago. Oakland is the only one left.

The funny thing is although they've only played in one stadium. The ballpark has featured more names than a whole league of ball parks.

In order of the names since the Marlins moved in 1993.

Joe Robbie Stadium
Pro Player Park
Pro Player Stadium
Dolphins Stadium
Dolphin Stadium
Land Shark Stadium

and finally

Sun Life Stadium.

Which goes to show how stupid the trend of naming stadiums after corporate entities that don't own the team.

They're moving to Miami and calling themselves the Miami Marlins. I wonder if they can attract more than 10,000 fans in the new ballpark?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Catching Up. 1991

September 21, 1991.

I noticed I haven't written much lately. It's because I've been meeting people, Talking to people and even hanging out with people. The main guy I've been hanging with is the guy Mike from Kinko's. Most of the time I see him when I go to Kinko's to work on the computer at night. I don't know why I don't apply there.

Anyway I hung out with Mike one time at his place and watch a 7-Eleven get stripped of all its labels while we were there. A few nights later we went to this record store to see this band Nirvana put on a free show. We couldn't get inside though. That's okay it was too loud. They play Nirvana a lot on this radio station The End in Seattle. It's the only way I can listen to music right now because I don't have my CD player.

I still haven't heard from the places I applied to. I stay home waiting but I should get a answering machine because I need to get out more.

2011-Update. that was kinda neat seeing Nirvana in the store (though I was out of the store) I only knew two songs from them at the time and they only played Smells Like Teen Spirit. My friend Mike kept telling me about their album would be big I just didn't know how big. I'm glad I was able to find footage of them there at the Beehive in the University District. It takesme back.

And no, I hadn't missed any of my old entries. I just got caught up in other things. Probably Pipe Dreams.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Sept 13, 1991

I spent over $100 on clothes at the GAP today. I filled out an application for them today. I really don't know...I went to a place that had a "Help Wanted" sign and asked about it (It was a Pink Pussycat type of place) and they said that they weren't hiring! WELL TAKE THE GOD DAMN SIGN DOWN THEN, FOOLS!

I got a toaster oven!! Wee Haw! (2011-My apartment didn't have a real kitchen, just a sink.) I spent too much time doing aimless wandering. Pfft! The guys called so that was cool!! I'm tempted to become an alcoholic!! I worked on more Pipe Dreams today and I'm now at a bar which is kinda cool and waiting til I can go to Kinko's and work on the computer and start writing a resume.

2011-I hung out at Kinko's a lot when I first moved to Seattle. I made friends with a guy named Mike who worked there. Kinko's was opened 24 hours and had a "happy hour" of half priced copies and half priced rentals of computers after midnight. Mike helped me out by giving me even better deals. Kinko's at the time wasn't as asinine about keep inventory. It certainly helped me out in the early days. I had the choice of renting out a PC or a Mac. Even in the nadir days of Apple and the approaching zenith of Microsoft, I chose a Mac.

Monday, September 12, 2011

1991-Still Rambling, Trying To Connect....

Sept. 12, 1991

I went down to UPS and it was a waste of time. Well, Not really because at least I have direction (2011-HA!) but it is a bigger pain in the ass than it is to apply in New Jersey. The bus ride down was a nightmare. The lowest scum in Seattle ride bus 130. This one guy passes out after nodding back and forth and lands right on his face. He didn't attempt to stop himself! He pops right up as though nothing happened. At that point I got off and was lucky enough to be a short walking distance from UPS. I then went back to talk to Sundra at Pioneer Square. That job there was taken. I bought a book anyway and yapped with her for two hours. (Shit.) and she HAD to go to Olympia. Ah well. I called my parents.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

1991- Twenty Years Ago, Ten Years Before...

Sept. 11, 1991

Man O man! Forget it!!! I've got more stuff for may apartment but man o man I don't know what to do with my time. I went down to the International District(2011-Actually SoDo) in hopes that I will find UPS but it was far away when I was in the "International District" I didn't know where it was but I had to be at least two miles from it. I gave up and walked to the Capital Hill District where I just walked around more. Boom! Yuck Ech! I fucken hate myself. Oh but I did purchase a lamp and proceeded forward with Pipe Dreams, which is a pipe dream as I'm dealing with it now (2011-Twenty years later there is still no irony in the title I chose) I might buy this diary of an 11 year old girl I found in a thrift store, hopefully it will inspire a new character or new ideas I can't come up with myself. I called the guys now that I finally have my own phone.

1991-When Will He Stop?

Sept. 10, 1991.

Even a worse day. It's getting to me, I hate not working but I hate more the jobs that seem to be available at this moment. It makes you feel inadequete, useless untalented and that's for the jobs that suck! Maybe it's a sign to get out there and show my artwork but my lack of professionalism (2011-Still a problem) might hinder my attempt at securing recurring assignments. I've lost contact with EVERYONE I met at the hostel and like a pathetic worm I keep coming here in hopes I fun into them. Fuck! It doesn't matter.


Saturday, September 10, 2011


Sept 9, 1991


(2011- Yeah I wrote that.)

Monday. The list of jobs is shitty! (2011-No Internet nor Craig's List in 1991) I've been walking in various areas looking for help-wanted signs but none are jobs I'm willing to take. I'm not that fussy about work but I have pride. (2011-I recall a time when I actually had pride, I think I lost it sometime in 1998) If I don't like the job I'll work very lethargically. AAAAugh!! I'm at least going to have my phone installed Weds. I also bought new clothes that I like but probably couldn't wear in many places. I went to a bar and had two stouts.


2011- I just want to plug a really good brew pub located on University Way I used to go to a lot in my early day. Big Time Brewery, And ironic name for a micro-brew pub. It never achieved "hang-out" status for me. I enjoyed drinking their tasty home brew there but was never able to connect with people there. I missed out on an opportunity for a job there a month later after I had already took a job. That may have changed my life in a way that would have surely been better for me. Oh well.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

1991 is still rolling.....

Sept 8, 1991

Woof! All of a sudden, I feel inadequete. I didn't do much at all today. I just continue to buy trinkets at various places. I went to Pioneer Square in a futile attempt at hoping the girl I met Thursday was there. I need a pillow! I need a job! I need a hug! I need someone. I called my parents and wrote two postcards. Other than that I just walked around. I walked from the Broadway District all the way up to the University District. When I got there, I just went back and forth to no avail. I'm bored. I've got to get a phone and get it soon!!!! Dammit!!!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Just keeping up with the past....

Sept 7, 1991,

I moved into a new apartment and boy am I lonely. I now have to go back and forth looking for work and stuff to use for my apartment, Which is really just a room. I'm losing contact with the people I have met along the way. Well, I'm bored.

2011- It was funny realizing that I was about to settle down to my new city. I only knew one person at the time there and he wasn't really a close friend. I wasn't able to keep in touch with the people I had met along the way, About three of whom I fell in love with. the place I moved into had no bathroom but it did have a toilet, a refrigerator and a kitchen sink. It had some furniture and it was located on a busy street in the University District that had lots of movie theaters and a few comic stores. It only cost me $275 dollars a month that even in 1991 was cheap.

Photoshop satire

Monday, September 05, 2011

Limbo Day-1991

Sept 5, 1991

Limbo day! I couldn't figure out what to do so I just wandered aimlessly until I hit a store in Pioneer Square area. I was yakking away with this cute chubby chick in a cartoon prop shop (2011-It was a place that sold animation cels and related merchandise) She'sll be heading to Olympia in a few weeks and there may be a possibility of a job there. We talked for at least an hour (business was slow) and man I simply wanted to do her. No way around it, I wanted to do her bad. Some people might think I have no scruples but hey! I'm thinking with my OTHER head. I'll probably visit the store again while she's still there and maybe I could get somewhere with her (2011-nope) Damn I'm a dog, lately.

2011- A good example of bad writing that I edited a little and still it comes across as crass. There was a lot of fear and anger in what I wrote back then. Plus I was desperate to make some sort of friendship with people a problem I still have today. People are friendly in Seattle when you first meet them but are harder to get to be good friends with after initial contact. I could have used a facebook like place to engage people. Heck, In 1991, I didn't have a computer, Heck, I had barely even used a desktop computer. The internet was somewhat nonexistent back then too. And I had no phone, cell or otherwise. This forced me to interact face to face. Lucky the days were very nice then, the only day of rain on my trip at that point was when I went to Lollapalooza.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Setting The Wheels in Motion....

Sept 4, 1991

OK, these days are more momentous and filled with more obstacles than I thought. The Catch -22 situation is around me. I'm simultaneously looking for an apartment, a job and a bank transfer. I didn't make any progress in any of these situations but I did end up in the library and made progress there in noting publications in the Seattle area. Yay.

The guy who helped me out was as cool as was the woman at the bank. Both were transplants. I called Mom but got Dad instead, oh well. I have to call my friend to let him know I gave his name for local reference on the apartment that I settled on. I don't know what my next move will be if I don't get accepted. I don't know if I can burden my friend. I need to get a phone number to be reached at so I might buy a phone answering machine so I can keep track of the messages. (2011-It seems like a lot of my problems back then would have been cured by the internet and cell phones) I haven't seen brooke today so I'm kinda down.

2011- I don't recall having spent this much time pining over this woman "Brooke" back in the day. I thought by the time I was away from the hostel we went our separate ways. I'd like to think I'm passed that stage in my life but I just don't write it down. I still have the habit of obsessing a bit over the last woman I either dated or had intimate contact with but I keep it to myself in my head I'm not sure it's better.

There's a joke here somewhere but I never worked this one out. I think I may be able to be able to refine it to 21st Century audiences.

P.S. - I appreciate the feedback I have been getting on this, I know it's a little weird and very self-indulgent but I'm finding it is helping me get out of the blahs a little bit.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Blah Blah Blah...1991....Blah Blah Blah

Sept 3, 1991.

I did some more apartment hunting that had less results than yesterday. I was only able to contact one of the landlords and the neighborhood was so bad (2011-not true) and so far east (2011-true) that I didn't even bother checking it out. The others were "filled" when I called. (I did see some repeats so it might be true) I called on the place that I liked the best yesterday and well, I'm beginning to think I might not get the apartment. (2011- I didn't but the same one that was on the first floor WAS available)

I'm in the mood to work. I'm starting to get antsy and uptight (2011-Not having a job would have caused multiple problems in my apartment hunting in New Jersey) I'm in a Catch-22 situation. I'm not running out of money yet but I'm starting to feel the pinch. I went back to the "Y" for a few days. (You were only allowed a limited time to stay at the hostel) I did head to the hostel where I talked to this woman, diamond (2011-!!) for about 90 minutes.

I met many "positive" people and well it put me in a temporary state of euphoria. I did run into Brooke and yes I believe I have a crush on her. She's staying on Vashon Island for a few days. I called my friend Sean and we had a VERY good conversation. It went well. I think I'll call mom tomorrow.

Friday, September 02, 2011

Dream Place? 1991 Continues...

Sept. 2, 1991.

The first time "apartment" shopping. Somewhat in the last minute. I'm basically looking for a room with perhaps shared expenses. Today I checked out four...well actually three. The first one was the cheapest and with good reason. It was a horror show. A yucky porch with a zoo of insects swarming around. The kitchen was a dump and it smelled bad. I didn't even consider it, The only advantage was a dirty rug (So I can do my artwork as I pleased) and it's in a college neighborhood (An advantage?)

The second place was a good one. It was large (2011-uh no.) with a refrigerator and a toilet and a decent bed. I'm probably going to take it for the time being. (2011-I did, for two years on a 6 month lease) It might be a busy street(It's hard to say) (2011-University Way-The Ave) but it's livable for a few months while looking for another place.

The third place was in a house in a decent neighborhood but with a sleazy sort of owner. The kind that thought his place is so high in demand, but it wasn't that great. They bragged about the cleaning they did but it wasn't even clean.

The fourth place I looked at did not even let me in the door, It was the farthest away from where the bus left me off. the house was in somewhat poor condition but in a tolerable way. A woman answered the door in a rather "Eeeeeww! What the hell is at the door" expression. It seemed I was not the type they were looking for. (2011- too much testosterone) I was a little offended. I was looked at as the enemy. I ate a lot at McDonlads today.


Thursday, September 01, 2011

Seattle 1991: Oy!

Sept 1, 1991.

OK, not much today. I met this girl, Heck I met a lot of girls since I started hosteling. Well, there is one in particular. Her name is Brooke. She's this hippy type chick who is quite nice looking. She gives me this look that...oof!... I don't know .... She's quite nice and I've had quite long conversations with her. Although I've been rather the cad lately with the women around here in Seattle. I've flirted shamelessly with many women around without any regard for whether or not they minded or not.

Well, Brooke who I think digs me (2011-delusional) is quite talented with the beads. (2011-Yeah I was into the Bead Store at Pike Place Market once upon a time) We were walking around today and were approached by a couple looking to get rid of their Bumbershoot tickets for 5 bucks so we went together at first and had split up after the Indigo Girls concert. She said she'd meet up with me later at 11pm, but she didn't show up.

2011- Man, I wish I took pictures of the people I met along the way. These days that would be an easy proposition with digital cameras. Of course I would have liked having a cell phone in order to keep track of people and let them know where I was and give yup hope quicker when the stand me out.