Friday, August 26, 2011

Long Bus Trip Northward.....

Aug. 26, 1991.

Monday, Take-off day. Another dreadful bus trip. These bus trips start out fine, I had my own seat for the first stretch, which doiesn't last too long. The day started out saying good bye to all the people I met in San Francisco. It's sad even though I've only known them for three days and boy oh boy I wish the quality of the women that go to the hostels were regulars at Wilson's.

Man, they were beautiful and most were not traveling with anyone. and since they were foreign, They thought I was cool. Antony is an alright guy, amusing to a point and was lucky to have Demit as a companion to go to LA with him (2011-Definitely shoulda gone with them) even if she is a loon. There will be people coming up to Seattle in the near future. the bus trip was okay until two kids came on at Redding, California. One sat next to me which destroyed any hope of me getting any sleep.

We drove past Mt. Shasta National Park, a truly spectacular sight. the mountains were beautiful when the sun was going down and it got dark before the scenery got dull. the bus driver kept yakking away about the surrounding areas and this along with the frequent night stops prevented me from getting any sleep.

We made a supper stop in Williams, California at an A&W restaurant. It was classic junk food. I bought corn chips, apples and Sweet Tarts (2011-?) for a cheap price (2011-Once again with being cheap) I ate the whole bag --burp!--- I ate dreadfully in San Francisco and I'm gonna make up for it in Seattle again. Sigh! It seems that no matter what bus, train, and plane I take I'm surrounded by nothing but classless people who are boring. I mean, Where are the cool people? I never talk to people on bus trips, I get in a pissy mood and I don't want to talk to anybody.

Oh well, Now it's Tuesday morning and I'm still on the bus and my stomach is churning because we're getting close to Seattle and I'm not sure I'll get a hostel bed for the night. I've got to make some plans now.

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