Friday, August 19, 2011

Seattle 1991 Continues:

Actually Portland:

Monday August 19, 1991.

Well, What can I say? I really came inadequetely prepared for a trip like this. the hostel have various and sometimes strange check-in hours. I stayed last night in a hotle called the Imperial. It was pretty good (I had to go here because the hostel was full.) The check-out time was 2 pm And I'm biding my time with all my luggage at Portland's Union Station.

DAMN! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME!!!!!(excuse the moment of outrage)

I was able to lighten my luggage load a little. It's not as bulky. the worst thing is my portfolio and all that's in it. It's at times like when I regret making this trip. I haven't been able to get in touch with my friend.

Portland so far hasn't impressed me, In fact it kind of scares me. The main reason being is that yet to settle down here. This hostel thing is a drag. Why bother? I mean, Here is an organization dedicated to housing the young people at a very affordable price but yet if they're full, You're out of luck. sometimes it could be so crowded that you need reservations ahead of time. Although you have to have a credit card! Ah, the bitter irony, I wonder why no one is even answering the phone. for God's sake it's 3 in the afternoon! So eight hours spent in train stations in two days and I still haven't made any economic progress.
(I always need to spend money on something or another.)

Later on....

Ah, finally at the hostel. And so far, so what. Before I got here I was approached by a girl named Bonnie who inquired about my art school tag. Well, our conversation was joined by another person who was wondering which of us was doing the hostel thing. So the three of us had a good hour long conversation. The girl named Justine is from Ausralia. She is quite attractive and a very nice person. We took a cab together to the hostel where I will be spending the next three nights, Unfortunately she'll be staying only two. So now I start saving money. Maybe somewhere along this trip I might make money. The hostel in Portland isn't as nearly as conveninetly located as the Seattle one is, But it seems like there will be enough things to do anyway.

More tomorrow...

P.S. Yes, On Saturday I saw a Mariners game.

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