Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Seattle 1991 Continues: Undated Entries.

2011: When I first explored Seattle, I thought documenting what I did would be useful. However, My memories don't square with exactly with what I wrote. I guess I was writing more about my feelings rather than my activities. Still, Enough was written to stir up my memories. I just wonder if it gels with reality.

(UNDATED) approx. August 17-19, 1991.

I went to the Fremont section of Seattle which is supposed to be the "hippy haven" of the city. I went by the address given to where "my friend" lived. The house was shabby and it looked unoccupied. "My friend's" phone no. changed so I assumed he moved out. It was a decent neighborhood full of houses and bungalows and the like. the bike ride was wonderful, If I move here Priority-1 is to get a bike. I have yet to confront the infamous Seattle rain. We'll see how bad it could be...

Some train station! What a fool I be. I didn't bother checking to see when the next train to Portland would be figuring that it would be a max. 2 hour wait. Well, I've been here almost 3 hours and I still have 2 more to go. I might not be able to shack up in the hostel tonight. It's expensive to be a bum. It will soon be a trend. When it becomes a trend (out of necessity), Some capitalist scum will make profits out of this lifestyle.

1991 continues:

I always draw myself more extroverted than I actually am. I can be extroverted but I'm rarely whenever it involves strangers. Hoo boy! I have to look for work. Goddammit!!!!!! My pride will be shattered if I don't get at least ONE art assignment by December. My value as an artist would be diminished.

2011 Update: Weird entries. I was in transit most of that weekend, Either on a bike or on a train. Somewhat incoherent.

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