Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Seattle 1991 Continues:

This set of entries were written a bit haphazardly. It's transcribed in the order it's set in my sketchbook.


Today was definitely a superior day to yesterday. I had two decent conversations, although one was someone who rented me a bike but the other person was a girl I met while riding my bike, which so far was the highlight of the day. $10 for two hour use wasn't too bad at all.

20111 Update: Funny that's more than TWICE the price of a ride on the Space Needle. Shows how much I regard bicycles.

Aug 16, 1991

I haven't been doing too well at waking up early. I wake up early enough to get a good start at exploring the city. I found a few good radio stations but of course without Howard Stern, I don't take much interest in what's going on. I'm a little more comfortable here now but I'm only paid up till tomorrow at noon. I can either stay an additional day or head to Portland, I'll determine it with what happens when I call "my friend"

P.S. Every mall in the U.S. is a variation of the same thing.

2011 update: I eliminated some contentious things written that needed not be transcribed, The mall I was talking about was Westlake Center. Also I didn't write about it but the sketches are from the first place I ever had a latte, Burke Museum in the U-District. And I also paid a visit to the Seattle Art Museum on Volunteer Park that became the Asian Art Museum when they built the new art museum downtown.

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