Saturday, October 01, 2011

Somewhat Embarrassing Story...

I went to do my usual karaoke thing last night and many nights I sing whatever I want regardless whether people like the song or not. Sometimes I move around and get into the song and sometimes I get a little shy and just kinda sing. But one thing I never do is shy away from is the actual singing. Even if my voice is rough, shot or totally out of sync with the song, I put in the effort as best as I can. I'm nbot shy about my singing one bit.

That wasn't always the case. I was reminded of a time before I went to art school when I pooped out on a singing effort. Now, I've always wanted to be a rock star but to this day I still can't play an instrument. I had sang in my school in plays back when I was in 7th grade but never made any effort to form or weasel my way into a band. Several people in my grade had formed bands but in not being able to play an instrument I never felt I had any right to be in a band.

A friend from the neighborhood had gotten together with his friend to put together a band and they needed a vocalist for a demo. His friend had some pretty good equipment for 1985 and wanted me to sing the song Electric Co. by U2. Although I was a fan of u2, I didn't know the song and I needed a crash course on it before I could sing it. I had the lyrics in front of me but I had struggled with singing it.

My frustration was apparent and my enthusiasm waned because I put myself out there for others to evaluate and felt I wasn't any good. I gave up any idea of helping them out further but in actuality I was moving to New York and the two of them were still in high school. I'm not sure if I had made a more valiant effort anything would have come out of it. but I pretty much gave up singing anywhere in public until 2001 when I finally discovered karaoke as an activity I enjoy. It serves to sate my appetite for performing without having to deal without worrying about preparation.

Years later I realized my problem with the song had more to do with it being out of my vocal range, It had awkward phrasing and I needed to make adjustments to make it work. I was too impatient and embarrassed to make a newer effort.

Still, I wonder what if I had pushed myself more, maybe at least I would have memories of once being in a band. Who knows I might have attracted a future wife.