Monday, July 30, 2007

RIP Tom Snyder

Tom Snyder passed away. He was one of those weird broadcasters that seemed to be around a lot in the 60's and 70's, like Joe Franklin and Dick Cavett. Anyway I was reading up on him and his show, Tomorrow. He had some out of control interviews with Johnny Rotten and Charles Manson. I came across this gem with Snyder interviewing the members of Kiss. This took place right around the time they were hitting their nadir with the original line up. You can see the brewing tension between the fun guys, Ace and Peter and the all business guys, Gene and Paul.

It's a hoot.

Melancoly Baby

Well, I have all but moved in my new place, nice neighborhood, weird housemates, and a good movie theater with bad, bad, popcorn. My apartment is tiny, crowded, I'm not sure how creative I can get, but it looks like I'm gonna get rid of more stuff, I guess my goal is to have as little stuff as possible, I have gotten rid of most of my comic related books, except for the ones that are reference. They say if you haven't used something in over a year to get rid of it. The weird thing is that there are things I still enjoy that I haven't read in more than 5 years , but still, I need to get rid of it. Old comics, and of course CDs.

The odd thing is that most of my space is taken up by my sketch books. I have been tempted to throw out some of my old artwork from college and high school. I haven't had the guts, but the sketchbooks... there are too many good ideas in it related to Pipe Dreams that I want to keep, just in case something finally good happens to my life regarding it.

Anyway, I whine. I ask this question, have any of you guys thrown out your artwork? If so, what? And what stuff will you not throw out that might seem strange to others?

Sunday, July 29, 2007

My Back Hurts

I'm typing this on the floor of my near empty apartment looking at an invasion of dust bunnies. I have everything almost removed from here except the computer cuz I want to keep using my internets. I am down to my small tv and finally slept the night in my teeny tiny apartment. I need a new fan, no ceiling fan here.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New British Invasion?

So, Not much is going on in my life other than the
slow process of moving into the equivalent of a toothpaste tube.

So, I watch a bit too much TV. Especially in the early morning. That is the only time MTV, VH1 plays videos. A lot of it are craprap videos. There are some videos that appeal to me in the sense that they have a newness to it. Turns out once again, that they are British music acts. The first one occurred of course in the 60's with the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Hollies, Who, Kinks and what have you. There was a residual effect with Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and Deep Purple.

The second wave, the "New Wave" occurred in the late 70's and early 80's with the Sex Pistols, Elvis Costello, Duran Duran, U2, Culture Club, Flock of Seagulls, Eurythmics and others.

The British tried another invasion in the early 90's with the Farm, Charlatans, Blur and Happy Mondays but the Grunge warriors of Seattle put the kibosh on that.

Now the British has returned. Hiphop has run its course, it's lame, repetitive, and let's face it folks, Ice Cube is doing family films and Snoop Dogg is doing commercials. Hiphop is not longer cool. Some American acts are trying to revitalize rock, but there is a sameness to it and doesn't appeal to me.

The first clip is "Smile" by Lily Allen. She's a sassy gal with a pleasant voice and man is that song catchy! However, I'm not into the idea of vandalism and assault by thugs as revenge for a nasty breakup. If a man had done the same things (minus the assault) after a breakup he would be in jail. But like I said the girl is sassy.

The second clip is by James Blunt. Let me say I hate the song "Beautiful" It's easily the most annoying song to come out in a decade. That said, his voice is toned down for this clip, so it's not as annoying.

Speaking of distinct voices, Mika is the name of an artist from London by way of Lebanon. He's a talented individual whose vocal gymnastics and song structuring is reminiscent of Freddy Mercury of Queen and that's not a bad thing. It's a cute clip and man is that dude skinny!

Speaking of guys who resemble late rock stars, here comes the Fratellis whose guitarist/singer has the look of a subdued Marc Bolan. The video is a guilty pleasure with some hot girls who actually have sex appeal. Of course it may have to do with the fact they look like pin up girls from the 50's. like a Vargas or a Petty girl. Plus I likes the Geetar pickin' at the end of the song.

Now, Amy Winehouse might only make it as a pinup girl for a magazine like Easy Rider or Tattoo but she intrigues me with her singing. Whereas Lily Allen sings high, Amy sings low, I like the two songs I've seen like "Rehab" but this clip is of a song that is getting a lot of airplay in commercials and as the song for the new show "Madmen" It fits the mood of the show.

There may be others, but these are the ones that I feel are the most interesting.

Enjoy the clips. Don't bother waiting for MTV of VH1 to play it.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Wasting Time

ahhh, the internet. When I was reading about Orson Welles on wikipedia, I came across the revelations on the time Orson Welles was drunk doing Paul Masson commercials. I went to Youtube found the clip and came across a tribute one involving a dog doing the commercial with the original soundtrack. I thought the dog one was funnier. Compare.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Men Whom I'm Glad Ain't My Dad

I was in the 7-eleven the other day waiting in line to get coffee. He was talking to another guy and he was saying how his family was in the car waiting for him....

to get a cup of coffee.

That's all he got.

He was saying that he was going to take his family to the diner for breakfast, but hey, he had time to talk to his friend.

While his family waits... for him to get his coffee. They wait for him, in anticipation of him taking them to a diner to get breakfast.

Where they serve coffee.

A Little Tale From The Past (Hairspray edition)

The musical movie "Hairspray" comes out this week. It is based on the Broadway musical by way of Seattle which was based on the 1988 movie by way of John Waters. I was reading about the star Nicki Blosky, who came out of nowhere to become the star of the movie. this reminded me of an old friend Staci.

Back in the late 80's I went to the School of Visual Arts. Our dorm rooms were in the former YMCA Sloane House on west 34th street. Our school occupied the 8th, 9th, and 10th floors. Our rooms were tiny, but each student had their own rooms. If you had the will to stay more than one year, you get a bigger room. Anyway, My room in my second year was across the hall from Staci, a freshman.

Staci was a sweet, cute, friendly girl who was a bit on the plus side at the time. We used to hang out in the hallways talking about....whatever. One afternoon, she comes up to me wanting some information. She had a father who had some show business connection and she wanted to know if I knew anything about John Waters.

This was 1987. John Waters was famous for making guerrilla R-rated exploitation movies like "Polyester" and "Pink Flamingos". I had recently seen these movies and others for the first time at the time. They are very gross even for my tastes. "Pink Flamingos" ends with the infamous scene in which Divine literally eats dog shit. This is all I knew about John Waters in 1987.

Staci tells me that they are looking for a lead in the next John Waters film and that she had the opportunity for an audition.

Now, Staci was sweet and to me, a little naive. So I told her what I knew about John Waters with a cautious tone that maybe steer her away from taking that audition. I thought it might be a mistake to be in that film, though I felt that she should do what she felt was in her best interest. I never talked to her about it again and I lost touch with Staci soon after.

About a year later I see previews for the movie "Hairspray" I thought it looked like a hoot, it seemed delightful, a PG movie that had enough quirkiness to keep me interested. I then saw Divine playing the mom of the lead, a chubby charmer by the name of Riki Lake. The movie was directed by John Waters. It was unlike any movie John Waters had done before. I instantly thought of Staci, and felt guilty that I prevented Staci of certain fame. Every time I saw Ricki Lake with her talk show and other movies, I felt that it could have been Staci. She was nice enough to deserve the fame. The only thing is I don't know if Staci even went to the audition. She might have done the audition and didn't get the part, but I can't help but feel that I prevented Staci from enjoying life long fame.

I hope she's doing good these days, at least she has avoided tabloid exploitation.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Start The Moving Vans!

I have the opportunity to take my time to move my stuff and I started yesterday. It seems like the place is bigger every time I see it, but the closet is smaller, Its floor is kinda crooked like my place in Jersey City, with my former roommate "Crutches". Still, it's my future. I have a job interview today in the city with a plumbing company.

Fingers crossed.

Monday, July 16, 2007

It's Been Awhile...

One thing I like about not working restaurants is that I have had weekends off, And for the first time in a long time my weekend was really good and funny enough better than the two dreams I had, but now back to work and looking for more work.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Another Art Piece

VENT VENT VENT!!!!!!!!!!!

I am the biggest loser in the whole freaking world!!!!!!!@!!! "UPS is a great place to work!" I've mentioned how crappy the working conditions are, I mentioned how few hours there are, I mentioned the low pay, I thought was being a little factious,


I'm being paid almost three dollars an hour less than what I was told!!!!!!!! Pitiful wages to say the least, insulting even to a teenager!!!!!!!!!!! Barely more than 50 cents more than minimum wage in several states!!!! And GOODY, after 30 days I belong to a union where I get the privledge of having 20 more dollars taken out of my paycheck.

Now I've worked in sleazy operations, too many to talk about, but the idea of paying insulting wages to a 40 year old man, shit a person who has made much more money doing things like being a cook, for God's sakes should automatically be turned down for the jopb.

Who have I offended to be trapped in such a situation! I listened to other people talk about the benefits of working here. I've even went to an all out effort "following through" on something for someone I cared about and this is my reward?!!!!!!!!!!!???????? shit, I've walked into restaurants, got the job, the next day worked for significant more money and yet it wasn't enough to satisfy other people!!!!!!!

Work at UPS! Don't be trapped in the restaurant business.

I do the right thing by other people, trust people with their schmooze, and I get punished.

Do I have an attitude problem?!!!!!

HELL YEAH!!!!!!!

You would too, if you had my life, trust me, not one of my acquaintances and family has been thought the humiliations, job wise as I have since I've been back.

To add insult to injury, the other job I applied to, significantly better pay, but also pat time is a dragfest. I got my medical exam but because I had a brief asthma back in 2004 any further steps are on hold until I get as checkup that says I'm in the clear. Why, it could not have done before and why I have to pay for it disturbs me. I'm fast running out of money, and any hope for the future is being strangled by my reality. I can't draw when I'm stressed, and I have all but given up hope for any kind of art related career, and I just can't help but wish for a heart attack to take me now.

Am I being over dramatic? Well, maybe but I have done what other people, people I care about have suggested and I am far worse off than I was when I went on my own, which was not good enough!!!!!!!!

The next six months are gonna suck!

Try the next year! If I handle it that long.

Sorry, but I need to vent!

Every thing I have to look forward to, is worse than what I had which wasn't good enough before.

But at least I'm not a cripple or an invalid.

But I am a loser, loser, loser, loser in the worst sense of the word.

Underachiever! Hell yeah, I've disappointed everyone I've known in my life! I disappoint myself!!!!
What do I have to offer!!!!!


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Youtube Fun

Here's a video of the song "Live For Today" by the Grass Roots. Anybody who watches "The Office" would recognize the guitarist during the closeup at 1:48-1:55, as being a very young Creed Bratton who plays Creed Bratton on the show.

Well, I Made a Decision...

So, I have found a place to live.... It is in a very nice house in a nice neighborhood, near a great downtown area, and it has safe parking. It is affordable, but there is one problem.... it is TINY! tiny, tiny. I have to dump much of my stuff including comic books, cds and furniture to move in, but it is one of those places where I can once again re-evaluate my life. I saw another place in Asbury Park which was bigger but not as appealing a location. Either place I will be there for the next year, and the house seems like it has people I'd like to be with, along with a grand porch to interact with them. Hard to believe but my room was oocupied for 12 years by the previous tenant. Anyway there you go.

Benefits: Closer to the city.
Close to unexplored shorelines
Walking Distance To movie Theater(Good For Winter)
Closer To My Brother (I Think)
Bigger Bathroom with a closet.

Drawbacks: Tiny, Tiny, Tiny
Farther From my current job, though closer to potential new job
Guarenteed to NOT get laid in the coming year.
Steam Heat (Unpredictable)

Anyway, I'll let you guys know how it is when I move in, but still, it doesn't change the fact that the next six months are gonna suck. I'll let you know if my life gets better by December 15th.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Another New Piece

This was a piece I based on a photograph. It was getting me nowhere until I thought about doing an ad for jewelry. I like it, how bout you?

Kids These Days

Another Tribute To Dead Men

Charles Lane died. He was one of those character actors you see in so many movies in small roles but never knew his name. He's one of those guys who played older characters for so long, one could be forgiven for thinking he was already dead. The photo on the left is from the 60's! He was 102.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

RIP Doug Marlette

Doug Marlette the creator of Kudzu and an editorial cartoonist too, died in a car accident. I wasn't a fan of Kudzu, but I liked his editorial cartoons.

Not So New Cartoon


It's just too hot! This was the one thing I did not miss when I lived in Seattle. Hot and humid weather. It's so hot, I feel like I'm in a southern gothic novel. I don't like AC, and when I'm by myself I try to endure the heat until I can take no more. I'm almost at that point but the problem is their was a power surge that shut out my electricity for a half hour.

I have been drinking so much water it is not even cold when I take it out of the freezer. I am not looking forward to work today. I'm avoiding the sun and physical activity until then.

Oh, to work in a nice cool office as a graphic designer, that's what I want.

If wishes were trees I'd be surrounded by forests.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Why oh Why!??????

Timing and me are not friends. Now I am getting rejected for apartments. I don't make enough money to rent a cheap apartment. That's the absurdity of my life now. I love how people who hire you think that making $10/hr is too much to pay you but that $1000 a month for an apartment is fair, not much at all. Well, I made more than $10 an hour and I was looking to pay $800 a month rent and I did not qualify for two places. Now, I may get this job that pays more, enough to pay for the places, but proof of my wages would come too late to get it, so at the end of this month I'll be homeless.

Now, the situation would not be so dire if I was to be able to go month to month after my current lease is up, but that's not how people do business. I am too old to have platonic roommates and even so, I have no friends out here to have as roommates, so I don't know what to do. Maybe I can find something cheaper. I don't know, but I'm starting to wish a heart attack would take me now, but I'm being over dramatic.

Again I shout out to the skies "WHAT HAVE I DONE TO DESERVE THIS!?????????!!!!!!!!"

Anyway I was hoping to write something more pleasant about my nice day yesterday checking out the improvements at Asbury Park, but now.......


Sunday, July 08, 2007

It's Odd Being Alone Sometimes...

I haven't worked weekends since I left the restaurant industry which makes me feel like a normal person sometimes, except I'm not normal. When I moved back to New Jersey this is what I hoped for, except I was hoping to work in the city with a good graphic design job, married with the woman I moved back to New Jersey for. Of course the Graphic Design field has gone down the tank the last two years.

So, I've struggled to get by seeking out the good jobs while working crap jobs and losing my self esteem in the process. It's hard to get psyched to do new work when everyone who is in a position to hire you thinks your work is crap. The irony is that I always seem to get jobs I'm ill suited for!

When you are struggling to make something of your life being alone I guess is better, I only get to destroy one life instead of dragging someone who doesn't have to will to endure the crap I dish out. I don't need much in life but I forget that when I get a job it sucks and I need to spend all my time on the computer looking for a job and not watching racist Kramer videos. I feel, these days I have to set my goals for other people, and if I don't succeed in their eyes, I get lectured or worse they walk out the door, never to be heard of again in anything close to friendly terms.

So, where do I seek happiness these days? In the simple pleasures. A bike ride to a historic village. A walk on the various boardwalks. Phone calls to good friends helps but they aren't here in the area to enjoy some of the pleasures around here. Everyone has gone their separate ways, living in different states, but at least we have cell phone technology and I'm thankful for that, if only my charge would last longer! I wish it was easier to see them more, I wish I could hang out with them in some of the places around here I like.

Yesterday, is a good example. There are two places I like to go to that are only open for the warm seasons. One is called Circus drive in on route 35. It's one of those themed drive-in fast food places that have all but disappeared on the American landscape.

Trust me, when I went cross country I was seeking them out, I wasn't successful. Anyway, the atmosphere is hard to beat. It brings back childhood summer. The burgers are good, and the fries are crinkled. Too bad that Pepsi is the cola of choice. It was hot, but they somehow keep a cool breeze flowing. It would be more enjoyable having a companion, but it was still fun to look around and see the happy families enjoying their time near the shore. And to flirt with the cute servers. with my buddies, it would be fun to compete on who is the king of the charmers or at least the least creepy.

The second place I went to is called Hoffmans. It's probably the best ice cream shop I've ever been to, it's close walking distance from my soon to be vacated apartment. They have great ice cream and when the summer hits, it's a hit. I stood outside a long, but fast moving line, Lots of families with young children enjoying a simple pleasure. I think I was the only one there getting ice cream for himself. The young girl behind the counter was pleasant and I made a joke, she laughed, it made my day. I

Anyway, I'm trying to get the most of my immediate surroundings while I'm still here in Spring Lake Heights. The two places I went to yesterday will close for the winter soon after I leave anyway. I hate the fact I have to put this place behind me but...

...there you are

Friday, July 06, 2007

Some Youtube Stuff (Supertramp Edition)

I was watching a little of the Princess Di concert, which had the usual suspects but I was pleasantly surprised to see Roger Hodgson performing, He is best known as being the lead singer of Supertramp. They are one of those bands that annoyed me in the day because they were on constantly like Paris Hilton. Anyway i grew to appreciate them and found vintage videos from the bunch.

The first one is "Breakfast In America" It's my favorite song from them. I never knew what the title of the song was, it's the "Take a Look At My Girlfriend" song. I sang it last night at karaoke, it was cathartic, because of the dadadadum part that sounds like a Jewish folk song.

The next one is "The Logical Song" I like it because of the "Watch What You Say, They be calling you a radical, ...a liberal." line.

This one is "Dreamer" I like the footage because it has live vocals and makes the song sound cool.

The next one is A Dixie Chicks song. "Not Ready To Make Nice" I liked them even before they bashed Bush. The Woman who sang after me last night snag it, sang it good and it kinda put an exclamation point on how things are doing in my life.

I Can't Wait To Get A New Phone

So, I'm talking to AlPal on my cell phone and it cuts in and out. It's near its last legs, it's one of them free phones I got when I moved back to Jersey. It's basic, no frills. I got it to appease some people, but the funny thing is, when you have a land line you can say you're not home ewhen people can't get through, with a cell phone they expect you to always be available. My dad in particular. I like the fact I can ignore the solicitors that call (Are You listening Cablevision?) but there were times I had the phone on "manner mode" and I can't hear it when I'm in another room sleeping at 3 in the morning.

My phone says it's fully charged after a ten minute charge, but really it needs hours and as long as I'm not talking to someone on the it lasts for hours on that charge. I like to talk to my friends who live in New York, Wisconsin and San Francisco when I am trying to get a tan walking the boardwalks around here. I don't know the service area it gets but I do know it doesn't work when I call people in other countries or even Hawaii. Hawaii surprised me because it is one of the 50 states but the service unavailable sign indicated otherwise.

So, I'm looking forward to a new phone but I wonder what bells and whistles I get. One thing though, I will not purchase any ringtone, that just seems absurd. "Hey check it out girls I like Pearl Jam!"

I Know It Annoys Some People...

...but every once in a while I miss Seattle. Case in point... 7-Eleven. 7-Eleven is doing a cross promotion with the Simpsons movie. They have squishies, pink doughnuts, Krusty-Os and Buzz Cola.

Why I miss Seattle? They sell beer in the 7-Elevens. I was hoping to see Duff beer. They don't sell beer in Jersey 7-Elevens. If any of my three readers that live in a state that sells beer in 7-Elevens, let me know if they have Duff beer.

Let Me Bore You

I am an obsessive person at times. I love the baseball and of course I have my favorite team which is the Mets. But when you are a Mets fan you occasionally have to shift your loyalties to other teams. Usually it happens in October when your team is out of it. so you root for a second team or a third depending on the outcome of the season. Every once in a while the World Series will feature teams I have no rooting interest in, case in point the 2003 World Series. It featured the team I hate more than any other, the Yankees and the Marlins.

So I will list the 30 baseball teams in the order of my rooting interests and a brief statement why.

1. New York Mets- Naturally it's my favorite team.
2. Seattle Mariners- I lived in Seattle for 14 years, I grew to like them in the Ken Griffey Jr. years. They have got great uniforms and got gipped by the terrorists in 2001.
3. Chicago Cubs- They haven't won since 1908! Could there be anyone alive who remembers?
4. Cleveland Indians- A team that didn't get respect and were beaten in the World Series recently by annoying teams like the Braves and the Marlins.
5. San Francisco Giants- They have yet to win since they moved to California. Willie Mays made that catch the last time they won against the Indians no less!
6. Philadelphia Phillies- When I first followed baseball, they were perennial winners in the National League East. They won a World Series in 1980.It's their only one and they have been around well over a hundred years.
7. San Diego Padres- They have been around since 1969 and have been in the World Series twice but lost. I do like the city and just like the Mets , they have yet to throw a no-hitter.
8. Milwaukee Brewers- They are the trendy pick this year to be the surprise team. I like them but they were the team that took over for the Seattle Pilots after only one season.
9. Kansas City Royals- Like the Phillies they were perennial winners in the American League West back in the 70's. They won one World Series title and it was tainted by a bad call.
10. Colorado Rockies-When they came into the league I like their uniforms and the fan support they had in the first few years was amazing. They are due.
11. Pittsburgh Pirates- They have suffered enough! They have the best ballpark, It's time!
12. Tampa Bay Devil Rays- They haven't been around that long but boy have they suffered! Give them one soon!
13. Washington Nationals-They haven't been in Washington long but they used to be the Montreal Expos who only had one post season experience during a strike shortened season that ended badly and worse had the best record by far in 1994 when the baseball lockout happened. I'd put them higher if they were still in Montreal.
14. Baltimore Orioles- They won a World Series back in 1983 when I didn't care who won.
15. Detroit Tigers- I rooted for them last World Series, and the fact they almost had the most losses in history a mere 4 years ago....
16. Boston Red Sox- They would be number three if they hadn't won in 2004, but I do like them plus as a Yankee hater, A Bosox win is alllll good. Except in 1986 of course!
17. Cincinnati Reds- They were my go to team in the 70's when the Mets sucked. They won in 1990 in a sweep against the A's with Sweet Lou as manager, I loved it!
18. Oakland A's- They are near the top of the bottom of the list which means every team that follows I'm not so interested in. Though, losing two out of three World Series back in the late 80s makes me have sympathy..
19. Houston Astros- They haven't won the World Series yet but are down this low for one reason: George H. W. Bush is a fan.
20. Chicago White Sox- They won in 2005, if they hadn't, they would be higher on the list.
21. Saint Louis Cardinals- Yeah, they beat my Mets last year, but they are the closest to the Yankees to World Series wins, 26-10. Plus they have great fans who tip well.
22. Minnesota Twins- Their stadium sucks, they do good in a limited budget, but they have won two World Series since the Mets last won.
23. Toronto Blue Jays- They also have won two World Series since the Mets last won and they have only been around since 1977, so there you are....
24. Atlanta Braves- I know it's heresy as a Mets fan but they could have been the team of the 90's merely by winning one more World Series title! Especially in 1996, or 1999 against the Yankees.
25. Los Angeles Dodgers- They beat my Mets back in 1988 but they have had some hard luck in recent years since the O'Malleys sold the team, They can win after the Mets win some.
26. Texas Rangers- They are the lowest team who has not won a World Series. They are this low for one reason, They once were owned by the evil George W. Bush.
27. California Angels- They should be higher, after all, they have been around longer than the Mets and humiliates the Yankees in post season, I guess I put them this low cuz they didn't win when Gene Autrey was alive.
28. Arizona Diamondbacks- I don't hate them and they did beat the Yankees in a great World Series in 2001 but they are just to new to root for.
29. Florida Marlins- They are dull, they have no fans, they had two winning seasons in their first ten years of existence and they won the World Series each times as a Wild Card team. Please.
30. New York Yankees- Last, certainly not least. They have won 26 World Series they can wait a century to win another. When you become a Mets fan, you have to hate the Yankees, it's not so much the other way around.

So there you are, a drunken musing to get me to sleep tonight.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Can't Wait!!!

I went down to Philly with the intent to see the Mets play the Phillies. It's easier to get there than to get to Shea and the park is so much better than Shea.

It's beautiful. The first time I went there I got there after the game started, so I wasn't able to appreciate what Citizen Park had to offer. Nothing beats the new ball parks. Pittsburgh in particular is soo nice with the best representation of the city it's at. Philly's doesn't have the view but it does have the cool park. And Greg Luzinski cooking ribs! When you get there early, you can explore places that aren't available after the game starts. See how the other half lives.

So, I am looking forward to when the Mets finally move into the new park they've had on the drawing boards since the late 90's. Shea was good for its day but that day is long gone and hopefully there will be a view of Flushing Bay in the new park.

The poster is one I've been working on for a while. I worked on it a first with it looking pretty bad, instead of following through it and making it look horrible, I started from scratch and it looks pretty good. I still need to make it better, but I just wanted to let my readers know what I'm doing in regards to my portfolio.

Now, Mets will you beat the Astros?

Starting to Move My Things.

Have you ever lived in a place you really liked and you have gotten to the point where you know you're moving out? It gets hard to enjoy the place. It's sad, all the hopes and dreams when you moved in has been dashed across the jagged rocks. You know in less than a month's time you're moving out, the stress of moving in the future. All the stupid things you got to do, like changing billing addresses and moving heavy but useful furniture. The first steps involve getting rid of the stuff that's not needed returning stuff that's not mine. I hate throwing out stuff that's not mine for fear of reprisal, who knows, maybe ten years down the line they might want it back like old comic books.

I still got clutter but not nearly what I had six months ago. Hopefully I'll get a smaller place that'll make my life less complicated. But out in the dullburbs, the likelihood of a place suitable for a bachelor artist is slim. Still my little room in this apartment was the only room that was completed for its intended use. Of course it was my space and the other rooms were suitable for my simple kinda life.When I want a simple life I don't mean "Simple Life" starring Paris Hilton. I'm not her.

I'm sticking with New Jersey for now, I will not go back to Seattle to live, I love my nephew too much but I just can't stand dealing with the Jersey corruption, the feeling you're getting ripped off, especially here near the shore. I may move to Pennsylvania in the future near the Delaware River or Maine or Vermont if my brother moves up there. Who knows? For now, it's here, it sucks, who knows what the future will hold? Any planning I had a year ago depended on the trust of other people, You really can only rely on yourself because when I have taken someone else's advice like taking my current job, well Burned Baby Burned.

You Know What Sucks...

...about growing up poor? Your dreams of growing up to be a philanthropist or a venture capitalist will not be fulfilled.

The Rain didn't Ruin the Day

Anyway, yesterday was my nephew's first birthday. It was a good day for all. since Scandad insists that everyone south of my brother go there together, it was slapstick all around. I drove to an exit on the Parkway to meet up with my mother after she picked up my aunt. Meanwhile, Papa was at a parade in Milltown, one of them little towns that are hidden amongst the bigger towns that always seem to have parades. Anyway, Dad thought that the parade was gonna run longer and told my mom to wait, wait a little longer than needed, so he left the confines of the parade, we picked him up and we were on our way.

We get to my brother's house a little after one, we were supposed to be the first ones there. We weren't, my brother hijacked me to put junk up the stairs, where my nephew Sean was waking up. Sean has been wearing one of those helmets that is being used to straighten out his head. It's one of those things that happens to young babies. My sister had to have a cast on her legs when she was a baby to make sure it grew correctly.

Sean is getting big and is getting a little less chubby. He has taken some of his first steps and had fun throwing his new toys around. He recognizes me every time I see him these days. This is getting to the best time of childhood from my point of view. Now, is the time I can start being Uncle Hero. I look forward to the times I can tell stories. I don't have to talk bout what I do for a living, I can just be the entertainer. I love kids. Hopefully in the near future I'll have one of my one, even if it's with a misguided situation which brings me to the adults.

I'm one of those guys who misses some of the little details. I never look at a woman's hand to see if it has a wedding band, and I am hanging with several couples who have kids and not one of them are married. Huh. Not that I'm judging, but I grew up Catholic, so I take marriage and children a bit serious, it's not morals as much as it's the responsibilities which I do take seriously, even though at the moment I'm barely getting by, but throw a curve my way and I make adjustments.

Anyway, I had more beers than I had since my relationship ended. I have gotten to the point where I'm not likely to be an angry drunk. I didn't get drunk anyway. I had good conversations with my brother's friend Sara from the state of Vermont. She was knitting a sweater for Sean that was in danger of being too small for him.

We left around 8 before any fireworks. My aunt left her purse, we had to go back, and my mom drove me to my car at the rest stop on the Parkway, so I can drop my father at his car at the Shillelagh club in Belmar. I got home just in time to see the Mets blowing it again against the Rockies. If only the Rockies played only the New York teams, they'd be the best team of all time. So I turned it to the Yankees and saw Dave Rigetti throw a no hitter. Of course the game was from 1983.

So a good day, the best in a long time.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Fourth!

I still like the fourth of July despite the fact that i have worked most 4ths in recent years. This one's special because it's my nephew Sean's first birthday. It's easy to remember to buy him presents, I just hope I resist the urge to always do a patriotic theme.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I'm So Offended!

So, I've applied to another job and one of the requirements is that I get a physical. Now, I haven't had a physical in decades so some of the changes involved were new to me. I see some of the aspects of what people have been complaining about in regards to the healthcare system. My physical wasn't that extensive. Pee in a cup, vision test, hearing test, etc. etc. One thing I noticed is I did not have to do a "Turn around and cough" routine.

Do they do this anymore? Or is it only the male doctors that do that? I thought back to the time when they did do it. It was back in the days when I was in school at a certain age where it was very unwelcomed to have a grown man grab my balls. One time it was when there was a group of us guys dressed down to our scivvies (I was 14) in a room doing that test. Could there be a more embarrassing way to do this? What about the peekers? What about the "jr. league" contestants? Why did they insist on doing this at a very delicate time in our lives?

Now back to today. I'm 40, not insecure and more open minded in what the test would find out about my health. So I was kinda bummed , I wanted to know if I'm have cancer or something. But alas. Anyway, I'm in good health, a little high in the pressure department, probably due to the stress I'm going through right now.

Anyway, what was I offended by? Well, while I was waiting for the doctor, I looked around seeing containers with the label biohazard. One of them was a bag that held the gowns we wore during the exam. So, basically I'm thinking the old clothes I wear are biohazards! Every time I do laundry I'm carrying a bag of biohazards.

ewwwww! Still, I never liked doing other people's laundry.