Sunday, August 21, 2011

An Old Joke.

When I had moved to Seattle I had intended to conquer it with my comic strip, Pipe Dreams. It was in its infancy stage in 1991, And I would draw sketches and put down ideas in hopes it would make for a good comic strip. This is one that I never finished, Mostly because it was a bit lame and it didn't fit in the Pipe Dreams landscape. However, from a 2011 perspective it's a bit interesting.

Here is the crude sketch from my pad.

Okay, Anybody who knows me knows I don't like tattoos. In 1991, I saw the trend in its infancy in Seattle. Women were starting to get them and I thought it was a weird thing to be a fad. so I tried to make a joke that when tattoos get out of style, The people who have them will have to deal with being out of fashion. However, twenty years later the "trend" continues and I have to bite my lip every time I see an ugly tattoo on a woman I think is cute. That may explain why I go through long periods of time without dating.

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