Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New Pipe Dreams!!!!

New Pipe Dreams!!!

Some time in the future we'll hear about how dangerous e-cigarettes are, For now.........

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New Pipe Dreams.

I remember the frustration of not having power for four days. Without electricity, Not much worked. One of them was my smoke alarm. My SENSITIVE smoke alarm.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New Pipe Dreams!

A weak entry of the continuing story of Pipe Dreams.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

That Time of the Year Again.

REVISED UPDATE: Sorry Ohio, but you're not representing this year so here's my liat of teams that are left in the order in which I want them to win it all!

I love the baseball and it's that time of year where I start rooting for teams that I don't follow for most of the year. These are the teams that battled it out and made it to the top 33% of all teams in baseball.

I'm not a fan of the one game playoff for the wild card teams that was introduced last year. I prefer the one wild card team format because half the time it allows a good team in a great division (like the 2001 Oakland A's) to make the playoffs. There was a one game playoff yesterday between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Texas Rangers anyways.

Anyway, with the new format I will list the teams I am rooting for to win in all in the order of my interest. Keep in mind, the two teams I root for (The New York Mets and the Seattle Mariners) were out of it by August. This year I will have a new team at the bottom of the list because the Yankees got knocked out last week. So that decision become tough for the first time in 5 years. I'm giving different numbers based on the multiple game series that will follow the Wild Card playoff game. so it will be a 1-8 order with ten teams listed. I don't feel like waiting until Thursday.

1. The Pittsburgh Pirates have not been in the playoffs for more than 20 years. As a matter of fact they haven't had a winning record since 1992. Now THAT'S an underdog. Plus they haven't won a World Series since 1979. The third longest stretch behind the Cubs and Indians of teams that have won the World Series in the past. They have the most beautiful ballpark in MLB and it will rock if the Pirates get into the first round of the playoffs. If the Indians lose their Wild Card game, Pittsburgh is tops in my book. Plus a rematch of the very first World Series in 1903 between Pittsburgh and Boston would be cool.

2. The Tampa Bay Rays ware a team that has been around since only 1998. They were a lousy team playing in a generic indoor stadium with no charm. They eliminated the "Devil" part of their name and have been a solid team since, actually making a World Series appearance in 2008. It's a small market team with a smaller fan base. So they are kind of an underdog.

3. The Detroit Tigers were one of those old school baseball teams that has some success in their past. I like the team, the players and the way they recovered from having one of the worst records of all time ten years ago to becoming one of the elite teams of this decade. Aspiration is a good thing when you root for a bad team.

4. The Boston Red Sox were lousy last year. Had their worst record since the 1960s. People expected them to be better but no one expected to win the division never mind the fact they ran away with the division by August. I've always been a fan of the Red Sox except when they had Roger Clemens. As a Yankee hater it gives me a bit of satisfaction when they win but karma bit me in the ass when they won the World Series in 2007 the same year the Mets had their epic collapse. Of course the Red Sox had their own in 2011 so all is forgiven.

5. St. Louis Cardinals 2006 still stings. If the Mets had not collapsed in the years 2007, 2008 and had decent playoff runs it wouldn't hurt as much and I wouldn't resent the Cardinals so much. The Cardinals in my opinion is the best run baseball organization and their World Series championships are second only to the Yankees. Still, if they play the Oakland A's I will root hard for them.

6. The Oakland A's I dunno why I hate the A's. It might be that my first awareness of them was of highlights of the 1973 World Series that had them beat my Mets. They looked like bad guys with their black mustaches and to a 6 year old that was significant. The A's of the late 1980s were a bunch of cheaters who brought in the era of steroid juiced players. The current A's are the "Moneyball" teams that brought about the term Sabermetrics and the annoying and phony statistic known as WAR (Wins Above Replacement). They made a movie about the team that starred Brad Pitt for Christ sakes. It even got Jonah Hill an Oscar nomination. But here's the thing. The Oakland A's hasn't won anything in the era that started in 2000. As a matter of fact several teams with similar payrolls HAVE won it all and the A's have won only one post season series since then despite being in the post season a half dozen times. The Mets bettered that in one post season. So this year would be good for them to put up or shut up. Especially since they play the Tigers who have man handled them more than even the Yankees.

7. The Atlanta Braves are a division rival of the Mets. That fact alone puts them low on my wish list. They ran away with the division around the time the Mets went to pot in May. So they had no adversity in winning the division. Still, They have been behaving like punks in recent weeks. Getting into battles with low ranked teams for stupid reasons. Their fans suck too. To this day they don't fill out their ball parks despite they are only second to the Yankees in playoff success in the last 20 years. I can't root for them.

8. The Los Angeles Dodgers  Some team has to be last on my list. Without the Yankees I had to actually choose a team I least like to win the World Series. Why the Dodgers? Well, They are acting like the Yankees in their spending. Two, Puig is a punk. Three, I STILL haven't gotten over 1988 and with the 25th anniversary of that Dodger team coming up we'll be reminded of it. So I hope they get even get knocked out by the Braves.

So there you have it.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Friday, August 02, 2013

Satire piece.

I saw someone wearing a t-shirt with a king of hearts being Elvis. So a Queen of Hearts with freddie Mercury was a natural.

Satire piece.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Satire piece.

Yup, It's a sad day when the cowardly U.S. Senate caves in to the gun nuts once again. The gun nuts think twenty slaughtered children is a small p[rice to pay for their freedom to shoot paper to compensate for their lack of manhood. But what do you expect from our government, sane reasoning?

New Pipe Dreams

New Pipe Dreams!

New Pipe Dreams!

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

New Pipe Dreams

David Koresh, A man who armed himself to the teeth with firearms because he felt threatened by the government. Sure worked out good for him.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Pipe Dreams Cartoon!!!!!

I came up with this cartoon after I caught myself saying the word "black ice" too much in front of my African American co-workers not to be conscious of the way I pronounce it.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Yep, It's another gun rant. But the silliness from the debate is too irresistible to ignore.

Dumb Memes Continues...

So I hear a lot for gun rights people since Newtown, the gun fanatics are getting desperate and paranoid. I don't blame them. People are starting to realize how dangerous many gun owners are. They're taking a serious look at gun violence and what is causing it. They see that the recent gun rampages have been committed by people who got guns LEGALLY and are appalled at this fact.

The gun fanatics are fighting back by buying more guns and putting out info, false and otherwise saying why an armed society is a safe society. They also have embraced people they think are heroes whom gun control advocates and the mainstream finding appalling.

They make heroes out of people who are good at using guns at what they do best....kill.

Here's a meme that is going around right now...

Why is it dumb? Well, first of all it makes a hero out of a person whose main achievement in life is his ability to kill people with a long range gun without them knowing it. A skill shared by the DC Sniper who was executed for having these same skills. In other words it's not a skill that is admired in civilian life.

Chris Kyle was a man who was in the Navy SEALS and was sent to Iraq to fight in Bush's war against Saddam Hussain. A war of course we had no reason to be in. He was skilled at shooting Iraqis including women who were protecting their country from invaders from a long distance. So skilled and effective he was, He signed up for three more tours of duty. Officially he killed 160 people but he says he killed at least 250. A lot of serial killers say the same thing. But I digress, This guy's a HERO.

The problem was that not enough people didn't know he was a hero. So he wrote a book talking about his exploits. Reality TV came a calling after that and he got on his own show. He became a celebrity among the war cheering gun fanatics around the country. Kyle in his civilian life never strayed from his military ways. He ran a company that provided training for military, law enforcement, and civilians, as well as private security and protection.

So how did he die? Well, He died on the gun range. He and his friend were shot by a man who he thought needed to at a shooting range in order to help him with his PTSD. Another senseless act of gun violence that continues at an alarming rate in this country. Now if only Kyle was armed.......oh wait.

So being armed at a place where everyone was armed didn't save him. And yet he was a skilled marksmen. Kyle probably felt safe in a gun range surrounded by armed people. Then again, He used a tactic many criminals do, Which is to shoot without giving them a chance to defend themselves. Never actually in defense. The meme says he was murdered in cold blood. He was armed. He had a chance. That's not cold blood.

Which brings me to another part of the meme. The part where it seems to be a problem that President Obama didn't mention his name at any time. Why should he? Did Bush mention all the soldiers that died in Iraq by name? Did he mention all those who committed suicide after they came back?

Kyle was a Navy SEAL whose exploits are not meant to be made public. That is military protocol. President Obama mentioning Kyle's exploits would violate that. Also, he died a senseless death by an armed gunman, A military hero if you would while Kyle was armed. Any mention of his death would be a rallying cry for more gun control, the uselessness of getting guns to protect ourselves and the shameful way we're treating our military personnel after they get back from war. The guy needed treatment not guns. I don't think that's what the maker of the meme wants. Kyle made a truly foolish decision that led to his death. Live by the gun, died by the gun.

And foolish decisions led to the death of Whitney Houston. She was a well known pop star who inspired many more Americans with the singing of one song in the 1991 Super Bowl than Kyle could ever hope to inspire in his lifetime. However, She had her demons. She was basically a junkie and died drowning in a tub because of her drug habits. A sad end to a tumultuous life of extreme highs and lows. Many people remember the highs, Including the Republican governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie. HE was the one who ordered the flag flown half staff in New Jersey, The state Whitney Houston was born in. It's a common practice to do so in states when a beloved individual dies. President Obama did NOT order flags flown at half staff. That's just a lie put out by the racists who put this meme out there.

Oh, did I offend anyone who is cheering this meme? Sorry, But it IS racist. President Obama gets accused of being a racist all the time, A lot of it based on lies they wish to be true. And this is one reason this meme is racist. Another reason it's racist is that it picks a black woman to contrast the exploits of a white man who they consider heroic. They only mention her death as her life time achievement and forget all the joy she gave to close to a billion people on this planet, The success she had as a performer, The patriotic fervor she inspired when she sang the "Star Spangled Banner" for Super Bowl XXV, and the movie roles that will live on forever. Whereas with Chris Kyle it was a lifetime of achievements which pointed his death as not being in his control to prevent. He helped set up his own death. The unflattering photo of her feeds into the stereotype of a black junkie and is not only racist but sexist too.

And look at the "flattering" picture of Chris Kyle. It's very disturbing to pretty much any rational person who would see it without knowing who it was. It's the "Lee Harvey Oswald" pose with a deadlier gun. A guy who looks like he'll shoot you dead if you let your dog loose and he walked on his property. His arms look like it had a little help from 'roids which may send him on a rage against his neighbors. Many shooters have a picture like this on hand after they do their deadly shooting spree. If Trayvon Martin's killer was portrayed in a picture like this it would be considered out of line. But this... This is the meme maker's idea of what a hero looks like. This is the pictures racists groups use to let people now they're not gonna take it anymore. I found this picture on many web sites when I was trying to locate the origin of this meme. Some of the top web sites in the google search were so racist, It freaked the hell out of me.

Anyway, to wrap up, It would not be in Chris Kyle's interest to have President Obama mention his name. It would only serve to further the call for limiting gun use in this country. Plus, Get your facts straight. President Obama did NOT order flags flown at half staff, It was Chris Christie, A white male Republican.

Ahhh, But these factually challenged memes will continue because right wingers don't let facts get in the way of how they feel except if you get little details wrong about particular guns.