Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Sept 13, 1991

I spent over $100 on clothes at the GAP today. I filled out an application for them today. I really don't know...I went to a place that had a "Help Wanted" sign and asked about it (It was a Pink Pussycat type of place) and they said that they weren't hiring! WELL TAKE THE GOD DAMN SIGN DOWN THEN, FOOLS!

I got a toaster oven!! Wee Haw! (2011-My apartment didn't have a real kitchen, just a sink.) I spent too much time doing aimless wandering. Pfft! The guys called so that was cool!! I'm tempted to become an alcoholic!! I worked on more Pipe Dreams today and I'm now at a bar which is kinda cool and waiting til I can go to Kinko's and work on the computer and start writing a resume.

2011-I hung out at Kinko's a lot when I first moved to Seattle. I made friends with a guy named Mike who worked there. Kinko's was opened 24 hours and had a "happy hour" of half priced copies and half priced rentals of computers after midnight. Mike helped me out by giving me even better deals. Kinko's at the time wasn't as asinine about keep inventory. It certainly helped me out in the early days. I had the choice of renting out a PC or a Mac. Even in the nadir days of Apple and the approaching zenith of Microsoft, I chose a Mac.

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