Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Catching Up. 1991

September 21, 1991.

I noticed I haven't written much lately. It's because I've been meeting people, Talking to people and even hanging out with people. The main guy I've been hanging with is the guy Mike from Kinko's. Most of the time I see him when I go to Kinko's to work on the computer at night. I don't know why I don't apply there.

Anyway I hung out with Mike one time at his place and watch a 7-Eleven get stripped of all its labels while we were there. A few nights later we went to this record store to see this band Nirvana put on a free show. We couldn't get inside though. That's okay it was too loud. They play Nirvana a lot on this radio station The End in Seattle. It's the only way I can listen to music right now because I don't have my CD player.

I still haven't heard from the places I applied to. I stay home waiting but I should get a answering machine because I need to get out more.

2011-Update. that was kinda neat seeing Nirvana in the store (though I was out of the store) I only knew two songs from them at the time and they only played Smells Like Teen Spirit. My friend Mike kept telling me about their album would be big I just didn't know how big. I'm glad I was able to find footage of them there at the Beehive in the University District. It takesme back.

And no, I hadn't missed any of my old entries. I just got caught up in other things. Probably Pipe Dreams.

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