Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Now It's Only Oakland In a Football/Baseball Stadium

So the Florida Marlins play their last game in the only place they have called home since their beginning in 1993. They have the longest tenure of any MLB team in their original home ballpark until they finish today. They have the third longest tenure (believe it or not) of any National league ball team in the same park after the Cubs and the Dodgers. The Marlins moving will also eliminate the second to last venue that has both the NFL and MLB which was common place as recently as 15 years ago. Oakland is the only one left.

The funny thing is although they've only played in one stadium. The ballpark has featured more names than a whole league of ball parks.

In order of the names since the Marlins moved in 1993.

Joe Robbie Stadium
Pro Player Park
Pro Player Stadium
Dolphins Stadium
Dolphin Stadium
Land Shark Stadium

and finally

Sun Life Stadium.

Which goes to show how stupid the trend of naming stadiums after corporate entities that don't own the team.

They're moving to Miami and calling themselves the Miami Marlins. I wonder if they can attract more than 10,000 fans in the new ballpark?

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