Saturday, September 10, 2011


Sept 9, 1991


(2011- Yeah I wrote that.)

Monday. The list of jobs is shitty! (2011-No Internet nor Craig's List in 1991) I've been walking in various areas looking for help-wanted signs but none are jobs I'm willing to take. I'm not that fussy about work but I have pride. (2011-I recall a time when I actually had pride, I think I lost it sometime in 1998) If I don't like the job I'll work very lethargically. AAAAugh!! I'm at least going to have my phone installed Weds. I also bought new clothes that I like but probably couldn't wear in many places. I went to a bar and had two stouts.


2011- I just want to plug a really good brew pub located on University Way I used to go to a lot in my early day. Big Time Brewery, And ironic name for a micro-brew pub. It never achieved "hang-out" status for me. I enjoyed drinking their tasty home brew there but was never able to connect with people there. I missed out on an opportunity for a job there a month later after I had already took a job. That may have changed my life in a way that would have surely been better for me. Oh well.

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