Sunday, September 11, 2011

1991- Twenty Years Ago, Ten Years Before...

Sept. 11, 1991

Man O man! Forget it!!! I've got more stuff for may apartment but man o man I don't know what to do with my time. I went down to the International District(2011-Actually SoDo) in hopes that I will find UPS but it was far away when I was in the "International District" I didn't know where it was but I had to be at least two miles from it. I gave up and walked to the Capital Hill District where I just walked around more. Boom! Yuck Ech! I fucken hate myself. Oh but I did purchase a lamp and proceeded forward with Pipe Dreams, which is a pipe dream as I'm dealing with it now (2011-Twenty years later there is still no irony in the title I chose) I might buy this diary of an 11 year old girl I found in a thrift store, hopefully it will inspire a new character or new ideas I can't come up with myself. I called the guys now that I finally have my own phone.

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