Friday, September 02, 2011

Dream Place? 1991 Continues...

Sept. 2, 1991.

The first time "apartment" shopping. Somewhat in the last minute. I'm basically looking for a room with perhaps shared expenses. Today I checked out four...well actually three. The first one was the cheapest and with good reason. It was a horror show. A yucky porch with a zoo of insects swarming around. The kitchen was a dump and it smelled bad. I didn't even consider it, The only advantage was a dirty rug (So I can do my artwork as I pleased) and it's in a college neighborhood (An advantage?)

The second place was a good one. It was large (2011-uh no.) with a refrigerator and a toilet and a decent bed. I'm probably going to take it for the time being. (2011-I did, for two years on a 6 month lease) It might be a busy street(It's hard to say) (2011-University Way-The Ave) but it's livable for a few months while looking for another place.

The third place was in a house in a decent neighborhood but with a sleazy sort of owner. The kind that thought his place is so high in demand, but it wasn't that great. They bragged about the cleaning they did but it wasn't even clean.

The fourth place I looked at did not even let me in the door, It was the farthest away from where the bus left me off. the house was in somewhat poor condition but in a tolerable way. A woman answered the door in a rather "Eeeeeww! What the hell is at the door" expression. It seemed I was not the type they were looking for. (2011- too much testosterone) I was a little offended. I was looked at as the enemy. I ate a lot at McDonlads today.


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