Monday, September 12, 2011

1991-Still Rambling, Trying To Connect....

Sept. 12, 1991

I went down to UPS and it was a waste of time. Well, Not really because at least I have direction (2011-HA!) but it is a bigger pain in the ass than it is to apply in New Jersey. The bus ride down was a nightmare. The lowest scum in Seattle ride bus 130. This one guy passes out after nodding back and forth and lands right on his face. He didn't attempt to stop himself! He pops right up as though nothing happened. At that point I got off and was lucky enough to be a short walking distance from UPS. I then went back to talk to Sundra at Pioneer Square. That job there was taken. I bought a book anyway and yapped with her for two hours. (Shit.) and she HAD to go to Olympia. Ah well. I called my parents.

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