Sunday, September 04, 2011

Setting The Wheels in Motion....

Sept 4, 1991

OK, these days are more momentous and filled with more obstacles than I thought. The Catch -22 situation is around me. I'm simultaneously looking for an apartment, a job and a bank transfer. I didn't make any progress in any of these situations but I did end up in the library and made progress there in noting publications in the Seattle area. Yay.

The guy who helped me out was as cool as was the woman at the bank. Both were transplants. I called Mom but got Dad instead, oh well. I have to call my friend to let him know I gave his name for local reference on the apartment that I settled on. I don't know what my next move will be if I don't get accepted. I don't know if I can burden my friend. I need to get a phone number to be reached at so I might buy a phone answering machine so I can keep track of the messages. (2011-It seems like a lot of my problems back then would have been cured by the internet and cell phones) I haven't seen brooke today so I'm kinda down.

2011- I don't recall having spent this much time pining over this woman "Brooke" back in the day. I thought by the time I was away from the hostel we went our separate ways. I'd like to think I'm passed that stage in my life but I just don't write it down. I still have the habit of obsessing a bit over the last woman I either dated or had intimate contact with but I keep it to myself in my head I'm not sure it's better.

There's a joke here somewhere but I never worked this one out. I think I may be able to be able to refine it to 21st Century audiences.

P.S. - I appreciate the feedback I have been getting on this, I know it's a little weird and very self-indulgent but I'm finding it is helping me get out of the blahs a little bit.

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