Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I'm So Offended!

So, I've applied to another job and one of the requirements is that I get a physical. Now, I haven't had a physical in decades so some of the changes involved were new to me. I see some of the aspects of what people have been complaining about in regards to the healthcare system. My physical wasn't that extensive. Pee in a cup, vision test, hearing test, etc. etc. One thing I noticed is I did not have to do a "Turn around and cough" routine.

Do they do this anymore? Or is it only the male doctors that do that? I thought back to the time when they did do it. It was back in the days when I was in school at a certain age where it was very unwelcomed to have a grown man grab my balls. One time it was when there was a group of us guys dressed down to our scivvies (I was 14) in a room doing that test. Could there be a more embarrassing way to do this? What about the peekers? What about the "jr. league" contestants? Why did they insist on doing this at a very delicate time in our lives?

Now back to today. I'm 40, not insecure and more open minded in what the test would find out about my health. So I was kinda bummed , I wanted to know if I'm have cancer or something. But alas. Anyway, I'm in good health, a little high in the pressure department, probably due to the stress I'm going through right now.

Anyway, what was I offended by? Well, while I was waiting for the doctor, I looked around seeing containers with the label biohazard. One of them was a bag that held the gowns we wore during the exam. So, basically I'm thinking the old clothes I wear are biohazards! Every time I do laundry I'm carrying a bag of biohazards.

ewwwww! Still, I never liked doing other people's laundry.

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