Friday, June 29, 2007

I Hate My New Job!

So, I decided to not work in the restaurant industry anymore. That doesn't give a man with a weak resume, a weak network, and an inability to find a way to convince people that I am right for a job that pays somewhat higher than minimum wage. Anyway, after going through a lot of hoops, I started working for UPS. It's supposed to be a great place to work, that's all I ever hear. Don't believe it. Like I said, I had to jump through hoops and the best I can get in a loader job that doesn't pay well. I won't reveal how much because it's embarrassing. It's also part time so I still have to find another job, and I have no clue what may come on the horizon.

I don't need this shit! I deserve better, I'm smart, talented, witty and a good worker at the menial jobs I've done. Maybe I spent too much time in Seattle and that may have ruined any chance at getting a good job here in Jersey, but still, I have all my connections here and so far it hasn't worked. One thing I've noticed, is that the worst jobs I ever had came on the advice of people I thought were after my best interest. A 40 year old man lugging boxes around for small wages is not the way I wanted to go. Part time, work that is exhausting. No way I'm staying longer than I have to. It's possible I may fail my way up into a better position. Anyway, I can hope

The next six months are going to suck as I've said before.


AlNickerson said...

Was Scangirl looking out for your best interest or hers? It might be that she wanted her boyfriend to have a steady job, with good benefits, at a large company to make her life more secure despite the fact you might not like the job.

"Another reason to blame Scangirl for conspiring to ruin my life. And yet I can't stop thinking about her. I love her, I hate her."

Yeah… love will do that sometimes. (Funny line, by the way, Scan.)

Well, it isn’t easy establishing a strong career in the art world. I remain faithful that you will succeed at this. It will take some time and perseverance. Don’t give up. :)

Scanman said...

Of course you think that's a funny line, you were the one who uttered it. Maybe it was a little different. Anyway good e-mail with Bill Waterson. It explains why I seek the syndicate market.

AlNickerson said...

"Of course you think that's a funny line, you were the one who uttered it. Maybe it was a little different."

I thought it sounded familiar. :D

Still, you’re going through something that we’ve all experienced. Getting dumped brings about a whole bunch of mixed feelings. Love and hate are very powerful emotions. The combination of the two at the same time can potentially be too powerful to handle.

"Anyway good e-mail with Bill Waterson. It explains why I seek the syndicate market."

Bill Watterson is a cartoonist that is deserving of much respect. I very much enjoyed that interview. Although, it seems as if Watterson is very critical of the Syndicates…

Scanman said...

The syndicates are a pain to deal with editorially, but they do all the legwork and get the clients and if you are on your own doing it, it takes time off the creative process. You make the compromises and since I have a hard time doing the rudimentry things, I would prefer to work with the syndicates.

Watterson was great, he challenged the syndicates to be like it was before, giving proper size representations in the newspapers and the ability to do a Sunday strips in any fashion with only the canvas size to be a constant. He was after the creators best interests but the syndicates and more often the individual newspapers were too stubborn to realize the benefit and he got tired of fighting. One thing that got worse over the years is the fact newspapers squeeze in strips that changes the proportion so that the Family Circus's circle can be an oval sometimes.