Friday, July 06, 2007

I Can't Wait To Get A New Phone

So, I'm talking to AlPal on my cell phone and it cuts in and out. It's near its last legs, it's one of them free phones I got when I moved back to Jersey. It's basic, no frills. I got it to appease some people, but the funny thing is, when you have a land line you can say you're not home ewhen people can't get through, with a cell phone they expect you to always be available. My dad in particular. I like the fact I can ignore the solicitors that call (Are You listening Cablevision?) but there were times I had the phone on "manner mode" and I can't hear it when I'm in another room sleeping at 3 in the morning.

My phone says it's fully charged after a ten minute charge, but really it needs hours and as long as I'm not talking to someone on the it lasts for hours on that charge. I like to talk to my friends who live in New York, Wisconsin and San Francisco when I am trying to get a tan walking the boardwalks around here. I don't know the service area it gets but I do know it doesn't work when I call people in other countries or even Hawaii. Hawaii surprised me because it is one of the 50 states but the service unavailable sign indicated otherwise.

So, I'm looking forward to a new phone but I wonder what bells and whistles I get. One thing though, I will not purchase any ringtone, that just seems absurd. "Hey check it out girls I like Pearl Jam!"


AlNickerson said...

"Alpal"? That’s a new nickname for me. I have to add it to all the others: "Meat" (from college), "Tito", "Alley-Al" (from my days as a graphic designer), "Alfonse" (named by Joey B), "Bert", "Ink-Boy" (from working on the AVE VENTURE cartoon), and "Lou" (which I was continually called by an art director because I somehow reminded her of her ex-boyfriend. That was creepy).

Scanman said...

I try to come up with names that are quote un quote anonymous for plausible deniabily reasons. "DankFrank is gay?" "No Francis, I'm not talking about you!"

Scanman said...

Here's some of my nicknames:

Scan The Man
Steveeo (I came up with that one)
Karaoke Steve
Closeted Steve