Thursday, July 05, 2007

Starting to Move My Things.

Have you ever lived in a place you really liked and you have gotten to the point where you know you're moving out? It gets hard to enjoy the place. It's sad, all the hopes and dreams when you moved in has been dashed across the jagged rocks. You know in less than a month's time you're moving out, the stress of moving in the future. All the stupid things you got to do, like changing billing addresses and moving heavy but useful furniture. The first steps involve getting rid of the stuff that's not needed returning stuff that's not mine. I hate throwing out stuff that's not mine for fear of reprisal, who knows, maybe ten years down the line they might want it back like old comic books.

I still got clutter but not nearly what I had six months ago. Hopefully I'll get a smaller place that'll make my life less complicated. But out in the dullburbs, the likelihood of a place suitable for a bachelor artist is slim. Still my little room in this apartment was the only room that was completed for its intended use. Of course it was my space and the other rooms were suitable for my simple kinda life.When I want a simple life I don't mean "Simple Life" starring Paris Hilton. I'm not her.

I'm sticking with New Jersey for now, I will not go back to Seattle to live, I love my nephew too much but I just can't stand dealing with the Jersey corruption, the feeling you're getting ripped off, especially here near the shore. I may move to Pennsylvania in the future near the Delaware River or Maine or Vermont if my brother moves up there. Who knows? For now, it's here, it sucks, who knows what the future will hold? Any planning I had a year ago depended on the trust of other people, You really can only rely on yourself because when I have taken someone else's advice like taking my current job, well Burned Baby Burned.

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