Friday, July 06, 2007

Let Me Bore You

I am an obsessive person at times. I love the baseball and of course I have my favorite team which is the Mets. But when you are a Mets fan you occasionally have to shift your loyalties to other teams. Usually it happens in October when your team is out of it. so you root for a second team or a third depending on the outcome of the season. Every once in a while the World Series will feature teams I have no rooting interest in, case in point the 2003 World Series. It featured the team I hate more than any other, the Yankees and the Marlins.

So I will list the 30 baseball teams in the order of my rooting interests and a brief statement why.

1. New York Mets- Naturally it's my favorite team.
2. Seattle Mariners- I lived in Seattle for 14 years, I grew to like them in the Ken Griffey Jr. years. They have got great uniforms and got gipped by the terrorists in 2001.
3. Chicago Cubs- They haven't won since 1908! Could there be anyone alive who remembers?
4. Cleveland Indians- A team that didn't get respect and were beaten in the World Series recently by annoying teams like the Braves and the Marlins.
5. San Francisco Giants- They have yet to win since they moved to California. Willie Mays made that catch the last time they won against the Indians no less!
6. Philadelphia Phillies- When I first followed baseball, they were perennial winners in the National League East. They won a World Series in 1980.It's their only one and they have been around well over a hundred years.
7. San Diego Padres- They have been around since 1969 and have been in the World Series twice but lost. I do like the city and just like the Mets , they have yet to throw a no-hitter.
8. Milwaukee Brewers- They are the trendy pick this year to be the surprise team. I like them but they were the team that took over for the Seattle Pilots after only one season.
9. Kansas City Royals- Like the Phillies they were perennial winners in the American League West back in the 70's. They won one World Series title and it was tainted by a bad call.
10. Colorado Rockies-When they came into the league I like their uniforms and the fan support they had in the first few years was amazing. They are due.
11. Pittsburgh Pirates- They have suffered enough! They have the best ballpark, It's time!
12. Tampa Bay Devil Rays- They haven't been around that long but boy have they suffered! Give them one soon!
13. Washington Nationals-They haven't been in Washington long but they used to be the Montreal Expos who only had one post season experience during a strike shortened season that ended badly and worse had the best record by far in 1994 when the baseball lockout happened. I'd put them higher if they were still in Montreal.
14. Baltimore Orioles- They won a World Series back in 1983 when I didn't care who won.
15. Detroit Tigers- I rooted for them last World Series, and the fact they almost had the most losses in history a mere 4 years ago....
16. Boston Red Sox- They would be number three if they hadn't won in 2004, but I do like them plus as a Yankee hater, A Bosox win is alllll good. Except in 1986 of course!
17. Cincinnati Reds- They were my go to team in the 70's when the Mets sucked. They won in 1990 in a sweep against the A's with Sweet Lou as manager, I loved it!
18. Oakland A's- They are near the top of the bottom of the list which means every team that follows I'm not so interested in. Though, losing two out of three World Series back in the late 80s makes me have sympathy..
19. Houston Astros- They haven't won the World Series yet but are down this low for one reason: George H. W. Bush is a fan.
20. Chicago White Sox- They won in 2005, if they hadn't, they would be higher on the list.
21. Saint Louis Cardinals- Yeah, they beat my Mets last year, but they are the closest to the Yankees to World Series wins, 26-10. Plus they have great fans who tip well.
22. Minnesota Twins- Their stadium sucks, they do good in a limited budget, but they have won two World Series since the Mets last won.
23. Toronto Blue Jays- They also have won two World Series since the Mets last won and they have only been around since 1977, so there you are....
24. Atlanta Braves- I know it's heresy as a Mets fan but they could have been the team of the 90's merely by winning one more World Series title! Especially in 1996, or 1999 against the Yankees.
25. Los Angeles Dodgers- They beat my Mets back in 1988 but they have had some hard luck in recent years since the O'Malleys sold the team, They can win after the Mets win some.
26. Texas Rangers- They are the lowest team who has not won a World Series. They are this low for one reason, They once were owned by the evil George W. Bush.
27. California Angels- They should be higher, after all, they have been around longer than the Mets and humiliates the Yankees in post season, I guess I put them this low cuz they didn't win when Gene Autrey was alive.
28. Arizona Diamondbacks- I don't hate them and they did beat the Yankees in a great World Series in 2001 but they are just to new to root for.
29. Florida Marlins- They are dull, they have no fans, they had two winning seasons in their first ten years of existence and they won the World Series each times as a Wild Card team. Please.
30. New York Yankees- Last, certainly not least. They have won 26 World Series they can wait a century to win another. When you become a Mets fan, you have to hate the Yankees, it's not so much the other way around.

So there you are, a drunken musing to get me to sleep tonight.

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