Friday, July 06, 2007

Some Youtube Stuff (Supertramp Edition)

I was watching a little of the Princess Di concert, which had the usual suspects but I was pleasantly surprised to see Roger Hodgson performing, He is best known as being the lead singer of Supertramp. They are one of those bands that annoyed me in the day because they were on constantly like Paris Hilton. Anyway i grew to appreciate them and found vintage videos from the bunch.

The first one is "Breakfast In America" It's my favorite song from them. I never knew what the title of the song was, it's the "Take a Look At My Girlfriend" song. I sang it last night at karaoke, it was cathartic, because of the dadadadum part that sounds like a Jewish folk song.

The next one is "The Logical Song" I like it because of the "Watch What You Say, They be calling you a radical, ...a liberal." line.

This one is "Dreamer" I like the footage because it has live vocals and makes the song sound cool.

The next one is A Dixie Chicks song. "Not Ready To Make Nice" I liked them even before they bashed Bush. The Woman who sang after me last night snag it, sang it good and it kinda put an exclamation point on how things are doing in my life.

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