Monday, July 30, 2007

Melancoly Baby

Well, I have all but moved in my new place, nice neighborhood, weird housemates, and a good movie theater with bad, bad, popcorn. My apartment is tiny, crowded, I'm not sure how creative I can get, but it looks like I'm gonna get rid of more stuff, I guess my goal is to have as little stuff as possible, I have gotten rid of most of my comic related books, except for the ones that are reference. They say if you haven't used something in over a year to get rid of it. The weird thing is that there are things I still enjoy that I haven't read in more than 5 years , but still, I need to get rid of it. Old comics, and of course CDs.

The odd thing is that most of my space is taken up by my sketch books. I have been tempted to throw out some of my old artwork from college and high school. I haven't had the guts, but the sketchbooks... there are too many good ideas in it related to Pipe Dreams that I want to keep, just in case something finally good happens to my life regarding it.

Anyway, I whine. I ask this question, have any of you guys thrown out your artwork? If so, what? And what stuff will you not throw out that might seem strange to others?

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AlNickerson said...

Do not throw out any artwork or your sketchbooks. You’ll regret it. I still have all of my sketchbooks. I even have artwork from my childhood, high-school, and college.

My professional artwork I either sell, store away somewhere, or give away. I’ve done this with a bunch of ARGGH!!! and Nihilist-Man pages. The cool thing about working for DC Comics is that every few months, they mail me back a third of my artwork. If I can sell some of these ages or give them away to fans, than I'm happy. :)