Thursday, July 12, 2007

Well, I Made a Decision...

So, I have found a place to live.... It is in a very nice house in a nice neighborhood, near a great downtown area, and it has safe parking. It is affordable, but there is one problem.... it is TINY! tiny, tiny. I have to dump much of my stuff including comic books, cds and furniture to move in, but it is one of those places where I can once again re-evaluate my life. I saw another place in Asbury Park which was bigger but not as appealing a location. Either place I will be there for the next year, and the house seems like it has people I'd like to be with, along with a grand porch to interact with them. Hard to believe but my room was oocupied for 12 years by the previous tenant. Anyway there you go.

Benefits: Closer to the city.
Close to unexplored shorelines
Walking Distance To movie Theater(Good For Winter)
Closer To My Brother (I Think)
Bigger Bathroom with a closet.

Drawbacks: Tiny, Tiny, Tiny
Farther From my current job, though closer to potential new job
Guarenteed to NOT get laid in the coming year.
Steam Heat (Unpredictable)

Anyway, I'll let you guys know how it is when I move in, but still, it doesn't change the fact that the next six months are gonna suck. I'll let you know if my life gets better by December 15th.

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