Friday, May 02, 2008

If Only My Car Ran On Whine

I filled up my car with gas today. It took nearly 45 dollars to fill it. That's to be expect when you drive a small sedan and gas is $3.39 a gallon at the WaWa station in Old Bridge. I know that for some of my readers that isn't much because you don't live in New Jersey where it's cheap. $3.39 is significant because the day I started my current job on October 1, it was $2.39 a gallon. That is one whole dollar increase in a mere 7 months.

It figures. This job is the longest driving commute I've had in my working life. Time was, when I lived in Seattle I'd laugh at the fact that people in their big ass SUVs would be paying more money for gas when prices went up before. I think my contempt was in the fact they would never look out for bicyclists like me.

I listen to the news and hearing people with pride in their chest talk about how they're saving money by parking their SUV and buying a smaller car to drive around instead. They also talk about how they now take one trip to do two errands now.

I didn't drive for 14 years, rode my bike and took the bus. I endured some ridicule at my decisions and now I am made to feel guilty for using up more gas now than I did three years ago merely because of a series of circumstances.

Anyway, things will look up. I will drive one less day to work at TSA and I will eliminate my 5 day drive to UPS and will ride my newly repaired bicycle (courtesy of Bush) to explore the immediate areas around the town of Atlantic Highlands. In August I will move closer to the airport for a year and then in August 2009 I plan on moving back to Seattle. There, I will eliminate most driving and feel smug once again in my mellow happiness.

That's the plan. Hope I will fulfill the plan.

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