Wednesday, April 30, 2008

1997:Pipe Dreams Is On The Internet!

So, it's 1997 and I have been submitting my Pipe Dreams packages for about five years at that point. My art was still getting better. In this set of strips I changed Dirk's hair to be less like stringy black hair and more like a light colored thick head of hair. Gritzko's appearance changed a little too. I had made his moustache thicker making it look more like a real moustache and less like a John Waters pencil one, after all I was using an ink brush now.

I'm a bit proud of the cover. It has the Pipe Dreams group at an ice cream store much like an ice cream store I would frequently go to about ten years later.

I like ice cream.

The most significant event that occurred in the life of Pipe Dreams and my own life at the time was the fact that my GATT and I got the Internets. I resisted getting the Internet because I thought it would be yet another indulgence I would waste many hours away on.

I was correct but it didn't take long for me to realize that I can put my Pipe Dreams online. Boy, did it take many trial and errors for me to figure it out.

My GATT was good with computers but didn't really know much about the graphic nature of it and I was worse. But the day I put Pipe Dreams on the Internet was triumphant. I thought that finally I will make my fortune with Pipe Dreams on the internet. Well, it was the late 90's and the whole internet boom was at its peak, so I don't think that was out of control. Anyway, what's left of my original website can be found here.

This set of Pipe Dreams I was trying to balance my character Skat's friends with his family. I was living in the suburbs, grew up in the suburbs so my urban experience was getting farther and farther in the past. I was kind of vague where the gang was living. It seems they were all living together but really in my mind they were not.

I think some of my most well constructed strips were in this set of Pipe Dreams. Anyway, enjoy this flashback.

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