Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fox News Does It Again

So I'm watching Fox and Friends because I woke up early unable to sleep over concern for my mom's health.

Anyway, they were taking Senator Tom Harkin's quote about John McCain being "too military" out of context. I had no problem with that. I expect that from Fox News, my problem was their defense of John McCain.

Their defense was a list of previous presidents who had military experience who were president. Now the list included the usual suspects, none of whom were steeped in the military culture as much as McCain. However, I noticed they had included Ronald Reagan on that list. Reagan, whose main contribution to the military was to make propaganda films stateside during World War II. That was bad enough, but Fox News gets a hard on about Reagan so that also is to be expected. However, the list omitted Jimmy Carter from the list. This was a man who graduated the Naval Academy and served for nearly a decade during the Korean War.

I know that Fox News hates Jimmy Carter mainly because he actually is a former president that still contributes to society.

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