Wednesday, May 14, 2008

More Songs

I guess I wasn't in the mood to do Karaoke last night. I had spent my first free day in awhile biking my way through Sandy Hook. It was my first long bike ride of the year and it wore me out. My ass hurt and my legs were weakened.

Not many people were Jack's so it gave the opportunity to sing more than three times, but I only wanted to drink two beers, so I just stuck with the three.

Now, I only write this on my blog for two reasons. It's my weekly night of fun, you know like a poker night or dance practice. Second, to show vintage videos.

Here we go. Karaoke Steve updated his books which gave me the opportunity to sing new songs.

The first song I sang was Alice in Chains "Would?" Although I sang this song a few times in Seattle, this was an opportunity to sing it here. It went fine until the words disappeared from the screen. This is disastrous for the Scanman. Scanman never remembers words. Still, my voice was strong.

Here's classic grunge.

The second song I did was one of my favorite Monkees song. I was a huge fan of the show when I was a kid. My favorite member was Micky Dolenz, who I think was by far the best singer of the group. He wrote a song called "Randy Scouse Git" that was a highlight of the second season of the Monkees. I was thrilled it was available, not thrilled at how I did it. I usually nail songs the first time out and rarely get much better with practice. This time I might need the practice.
Here's the fun clip.


So I wasn't happy with the last song so I decided to be safe and do a song I've done many a time. That's "Kid Charlemagne" by the great Steely Dan. They recorded the song after they stopped touring and making television appearances. So the footage I have is from their late 90's reunion. Still a great song, that I think I do well except for the second "Gas In The Car" line.
Oh well.


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