Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Iron Man Does Karaoke, I Mean I Sang Iron Man

I am in my last week working at UPS. This means that starting next week I don't have to go straight to Jack's from work. I can leave right from my place.

One problem I have when I go to Jack's sometimes is that sometime during the week I always have the perfect song to sing but when I enter Jack's I didn't really know what to sing, or did I?

There's been one song that has been constantly in my head the last two weeks. It's an old song, from 1970. It's a well known song written by a man who's best known for being a patriarch on a popular reality show. Snibbits of the song has been in circulation recently promoting a smash hit movie.

Of course the song is "Iron Man" It's featured in the movie of the same name, and that would be "Iron Man". First of all, I loved the movie, probably the best adaptation of any Marvel comic. I don't read Marvel comics anymore, as a matter of fact I don't buy any comics these days. I still however enjoy reading old Marvel comic collections including the Iron Man comics of the late 70's and early 80's during the David Micheline, Bob Layton era.

Even though I don't read them now, I have been excited about any movie that comes out featuring characters from Marvel since the first X-Men movie. Unlike many people I talked to, I wasn't thrilled with the casting of Robert Downey Jr. I felt that he wasn't smooth enough. However, he does have the ability to convey the potential alcoholism of Tony Stark. Anyway, part of why the new super hero movies are getting good these days is the advancement of CGI's ability to make the fantastic seem real. Since Iron Man's costume is metallic, the potential flaws of CGI is not evident. My favorite parts involved Tony Stark testing his armor.

Surprisingly, I enjoyed Gwyneth Paltrow's performance. She plays a character Pepper Potts, who wasn't really in Iron Man in the 70's and 80's when I read it. I liked the way she bantered with Robert Downey Jr. and I liked fact that although she wasn't "Little Miss Helpless" she wasn't also "Mistress Kick Ass". She acted like what you would expect someone to react when she gets confronted with danger all around her. A great scene with Pepper and Tony trying to work the kinks of his heart device was classic.

Jeff Bridges was a kick too. "The Dude" shaved his head, man! Terence Howard as James Rhodes was fine, but I never knew he had such a high pitched voice. Stay to the very end of the credits, I mean the VERY end of the credits for a tacked on scene that smells sequel and/or crossover.

Back to Karaoke. A fill-in host was at Jack's yesterday. His song collection was extensive and he had a microphone stand. I went with singing "Iron Man" because of it being in my head. I did it well and got a great response. The video clip is from the glory days of European rock shows. It's nice to see an Ozzy that was lucid.


The second song was challenging, a Soundgarden song from the late 90's. It has a cold start and the challenge of trying to match the powerful vocals of Chris Cornell. I did.....okay.

Here's the clip.


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