Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Dream Town.

I visited my favorite town in New Jersey yesterday. It's Lambertville and it's on the Delaware River right across from New Hope, PA.

I wasn't planning to come here but my original plans had changed a little bit.

Let me explain.

My mother recently had a fall and hurt her eye. She had a doctor look at it and she has been going to Philadelphia for some doctor visits. My father had asked me to come down to Philly to drive her back to their house in case the doctor's visit went too long. He had an obligation to fulfill later in the day and needed me just in case he had to leave before my mother was done wiuth the doctor.

So I went to Philly and met up with my Dad. We hung out for a while while my Mom was at the doctor's. Well, My Mom got done early so I really wasn't needed. I had lunch with them at a diner and we went our separate ways.

So I figured what to do? Since I drove all the way out to the western part of New Jersey I decided to take advantage of that and visit my dream town of Lambertville, NJ. I went north on Rt. 206 from Rt. 70. The ride itself was eye-opening. I forget how pretty and authentic New Jersey is when you get away from the coast. Lots of farmland and rolling fields and the drive up the banks of the Delaware is quite scenic. Anyway, about 15 miles north of Trenton off Rt. 29 is Lambertville, New Jersey. A town with a canal!
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Lambertville is known for its antiques and historic houses. It's surrounded by tree-lined hills and it doesn't take a huge leap of imagination to picture the town in its canal heyday. The last time I was there, I spent more time in New Hope, PA at the suggestion of my companion. New Hope is okay but it pales to Lambertville. One reason is that Lambertville has the better brewery.
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Riverhorse is easily one of my favorite beers of all time. I first tried it shortly after I moved back to New Jersey. It was at a great liquor store in the town of High Bridge where my brother lives. Being the curious monkey I was, I thought a trip to the brewery was a good idea for a day trip. This time I was able to explore without the interference of someone who's not as bold at exploring.

I got there shortly after 4 in the afternoon. I had about 45 minutes to sample their wares. They give you 4 4oz. samples of their various brews for a DOLLAR! That's 16 ounces of beer for a dollar. So of course I had two sets of samples for two dollars and with a dollar tip I had two sets of excellent brew for less than what one glass of typical beer costs in a bar. I enjoyed my conversation with the server, we talked about the various towns of New Jersey which seems to be what I like to talk about these days.

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Anyway, when I got done I went to the offices of Modernism magazine. I've become a huge fan of Modernist architecture and I wanted to visit the place that puts out the best magazine on the subject. Yes, I understood the irony of a magazine called Modernism being located in a historic town of centurys old buildings. I walked along the canal and wistfully wished that I had lived there. Under my current job I would be able to afford a house there but it's too far from where I work, oh well. Maybe I'll retire there. I talked to a cute woman as I walked across the bridge to New Hope. A friendlier face I haven't seen in years.

Yes, I would like to live there.


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