Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Two Songs

I went to Jack's to do my usual routine of singing karaoke but was overwhelmed by the huge crowd there. It was a celebration of the graduation of Monmouth University students. I got to sing only twice, the noise was too loud and the students were more into the DJ cuts from Karaoke Steve.

The first song I sang was the Elvis song "Burning Love. " I rarely sing Elvis songs. I respect the man and my voice is close to his but I only really like singing a few of his songs. My favorite is "Burning Love" this was one of his last hit songs in his lifetime. It was recorded in 1972 and the footage I included is from his great Hawaii special from 1973.


Karaoke Steve updated his catalogue, which includes some of Monkees songs that are a little bit obscure. One of my favorite songs is "What Am I Doin' Hanging Round", a song with Mike Nesmith on lead vocals. This was my first opportunity to sing a Nesmith song. No one knew it but I liked it, so who cares. The footage is from the show in its second season. This is the type of footage that made me want to be a rock star. Even though they are miming, it looks like a legitimate performance. Mickey as usual clowns around, always fun to watch.


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