Thursday, May 22, 2008

Odd Coincidences

So, I was in the city last week visiting my friends who work there. I met two of them at lunch and my buddy Delfin after he was done at work. We met up at Foley's on 33rd street. Shortly after we started getting into our conversation a woman whom Delfin worked with before walked in. Now Del is one of those guys who somehow has many friendships with women. Nice women that are usually good looking. This one was no exception.

We asked her to sit down while she waits for her friend, another former coworker of Del's. This friend walks in about ten minutes later and after exchanging pleasantries, Del and the first woman got into a specific conversation that allowed me to get to know the second woman. (Apparently names wasn't something I got to know because I forgot both of their names) Since she was attractive and I was having a good day I was friendlier than usual. I told her I was celebrating the fact I got full time work at TSA and that I finally quit my other job at UPS.

She said "Really? You worked at UPS? My boyfriend works at UPS! Where did you work?"

Leaving the fact that I was disappointed at the fact she had a boyfriend I decided to pursue the conversation.

"I worked at Tinton Falls."

"Omigod! That's where my boyfriend works! Do you know Reno?"

"Yeah I know Reno, he's my boss!"

So, we were able to engage in conversation until Del and the other woman were done and a pleasant time was had for all.

The thing is, I have been looking for some kind of coincidence like this fro a long time. A person who knew someone I've known in my past. I just wished it didn't involve a job I really hated that I just quit the week before.

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