Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hmmm, Whatever Karaoke

I didn't do such a good job on my song selections lat night at Karaoke. I'm sick of the Bud Light promos that have invaded Jack's in recent weeks. The singing is supposed to commence at 10:30 but because of the Rock, Paper, and Scissors, it doesn't get started 'til 11:30. This gives me only two opportunities to sing. So, I always hope to choose songs that kill. I'm usually the first to sing, which I hate. I chose "White Lines" as my first song, my favorite rap song o from the time I first heard it when I was in Ireland. That means I broke rule#5 in Scan's Rules of Karaoke. No white man shall sing karaoke rap songs at anytime, even artists such as Snow, Beastie Boys, and especially Vanilla Ice >shudder<. Anyway, my natural voice is a baritone, like Frank Sinatra, and in recent weeks, it was even deeper and thus I could do a fake bass. Not last night though. I sounded weak in my interpretation of the great song. Anyway, as usual I grabbed a video from You-Tube. I think this was directed by Spike Lee. It's one of those videos that has no appearance by the people who performed the song. Like the song says "Don't Do It". I will take that advice in regards to doing rap karaoke. Oh well, I'll stick with the Stones. video

The next song is by the White Stripes. I make no apologies in how much I love the White Stripes. They are easily the best band of the 21st century. My favorite song from them is "My Doorbell" from their "Get Behind Me Satan" album. Jack White has a weird voice that I can imitate pretty well. Since I wasn't able to get in Bass mode, I WAS able to go the other direction towards being a Tenor. I got a good reaction form this song.

The video clip I chose is from a British Show hosted by former Squeeze keyboardist Jools Holland. He joins Jack and Meg (sigh!) interpreting the song in a new way from their album version. It's great, I love how the Europeans presents live music. It's amazing how America with 500 different channels cannot present music as good as this.


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