Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Feeling Funky!

If It's Tuesday, it must be Karaoke.

It was a good night last night, I gave notice to UPS, YES!

My life begins again!

I go to Jack's and there was no "Rock, Paper, Scissors" Bud Light promo to be found.

The Mets win in 11, though Johan Santana lost a win.

And my voice was as clear as possible, so that means I can do falsetto!

It wasn't all good though. I had to deal with one of those cheesy con artist types. You know the guy. It's someone who comes up to you, tells a sad sack story about how they lost money in one way or another and need some to get them on their way to a destination of at least 40 miles away.

His spiel was that his female companion lost her handbag after going to a wedding at Cape Cod and need money to get gas to get themselves to Cape May. He said someone was kind enough to give them 40 dollars at Cape Cod and just needed to get some more to reach Cape May.

Yeahhhh, it used to be quarter that they begged from you, then a dollar or two, now the man wants forty dollars.

As any woman who has dated me in the past knows, I'm a hard person to pry money from. Okay, the guy was dressed pretty nicely and I'm always wondering when a con artist does this is don't you have family that can help out? Between the TWO of you, I'm expected to believe there is no way for you to get help form a friend. Where's your phone? Your wallet? Your ability to pick up a pay phone?

This kind of con annoys me because it involves two people who feel the need to come up with the same ol' same ol' sob story. A guy used to come into Sonya's about twice a month and state how his car broke down on I-5 and needed some money to get it fixed, I would point him to a auto shop near by, but he'd insist they wouldn't help. He'd never remember later that he pulled this con one me before. Sometimes he'd be bold enough to harass a customer.

Anyway I told the man I had no cash and went into Jack's, plopped down a crisp twenty dollar bill and got a Magic Hat No. 9. I felt nooooooo guilt.

Anyway my voice felt good this night so I decided to take on some challenging songs. The first one was "Sexx Laws" by Beck. I wanted to sing "Sour Girl" by Stone Temple Pilots but it was not available. Anyway, it's a song full of Non Sequitors and a high pitched wail at the end of the chorus. I nailed the wail but flubbed a few of the more tongue twisting words. Here's the video from 1999, I had never seen it before and noted that Jack Black makes an appearance. You know the saying "Too Much Jack Black Is Whack!"


After the song I plopped down a ten dollar bill and got myself a Sierra Nevada, mmmm that's tasty!

I was feeling a bit funky, so I decided to sing a chestnut from the late 70's "Back In Love Again" from the funk group LTD featuring a young Jeffery Osbourne. This is a fun song I like to sing when I want to get the people to move on the dance floor, which they did. It doesn't matter how old the song is, the young folks will dance the danceable songs. That's why I don't sing the torch songs like some of the later Jeffery Osborne songs. Anyway, here's a not so clear song clip from Soul Train.


After the song I decide I needed more courage and bought a Sam Adams with a wrinkled 5 dollar bill. Say what you will, for a mainstream beer Sam Adams hits the spot.

Now I was feeling cocky. I decide to take on the falsetto disco classic "You Made Me Feel Like Dancing" by Leo Sayer. It's my alternative to the "hipsters" who like to sing "Staying Alive". It's only the second time I tried singing it. The first time was at an obscure bar in the Magnolia section of Seattle. I did terrible but it was because my voice was hoarse that previous night. Anyway, I nailed it this night. I missed one line because I forgot to get out of falsetto in the bridge. Anyway, the response was great, I was a hit, Karaoke Steve, the host appreciated it.
A good fun night. Anyway, I was looking for a clip of Leo Sayer doing the song but was unimpressed with the clips. I then remembered that he appeared on "The Muppet Show" and found this clip. The song was changed a little, but it's the muppets, man!


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