Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cheapskate Money Saving Tips

Hey, do you get those soap dispensers that put out soapy foam? Aren't they cool? Well, here's some advice when you quickly run out of the stuff.

I had bought one of those large refill bottles that came with a foamy dispenser. This clued me in the fact that whatever mechanics in the top of the dispenser that makes the soap water foamy is reusable. I then realized the refill container was your standard liquid soap diluted with water.

Wow! That's so smart of you Scan!

Anyway, here's my cheapskate advice.

Buy yourself a large container of your favorite liquid soap, and fill up the foam dispenser half way with the soap and add water. Shake up the mixture and Ta Dah! Instant foam soap.

It works for dish soap too!!!

Your welcome.

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