Thursday, August 02, 2007

Things I found When moving

I was digging through much of my things when I came across the newspaper I worked on years ago. It was supposed to rival the New York Press and maybe the Village Voice. The newspaper was published for a year, I came into it on th tenth month. I worked on the covers along with laying it out with an ancient computer which involved something like html like code.

Anyway the cover here has bad caricatures of prominent women who might be considered witches and at the time were very notorious, since the woman in the middle was Tammy Faye, who recently passed away, I thought it was interesting to see how my take on her changed over the years. I grew to like the woman, mostly because of the Surreal Life and her suppport of gay rights and the fact that she didn't judge people. I have read more about her about how the Jessica Hahn scandal was really about Tammy Faye being a victim. When Jerry Falwell died I felt karma was working her magic, when Tammy Faye died I felt sad especially seeing how cancer ate her alive.

On a related topic, the newspaper folded shortly after the cover and when I was put to work in the graphic design department (pre-Photoshop) I found myself doing very rudimentry tasks. It didn't bother me but I felt as if I wasn't needed. The last straw was when they asked me to deliver something from 27th st to 17th street. I delivered it no problem. I decided to take a few minutes and browse at Barnes and Noble. I spent more than 45 minutes there and when I got back, my boss said "Back so soon?"

He wasn't sarcastic.

I quit the next day,

I wish the newspaper lasted longer.

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