Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Big Pay Day

The loser walks into his new job that first day. He is fed up working lousy jobs for lousy pay. This job is no exception. He spots the supervisor, an old aquaintance from a previous job. The man is abusive and gave the loser an extremely hard time the last time they worked together. The place he's working is a shady operation. The abuser is likewise and sees the opportunity to give the loser a hard time.

"You won't last 30 days!" He says.

"Why do you say that?" The loser says.

"You don't appreciate work and the pay it provides."

"I'm sorry that I don't appreciate being exploited for low pay." Says the loser.

"Low pay? We can get some Mexicans in here to work for half the pay and they will work harder!" The abuser says.

The loser sensed an opportunity. He knows the abuser is a gambler, and knows that he only likes sure things.

"Tell you what, You think I can't last thirty days? If I last thirty working days, you will pay me a thousand dollars!"

"A thousand dollars and what's in it for me?"

The loser knew that the abuser would get a bigger cut in his paycheck if payroll expenses were lower. This is usually done by cutting hours when it's slow and moving product faster when there is a full crew.

"Tell you what, Today you pay me a penny, the next day you double it to two cents and the next day it doubles it to four cents and so on and so on until thirty days is up." The loser proposes.

The abuser agrees on one condition, that a contract be written and agreed on. He types up the contract but puts etc. etc. in place of each day's payment after the first week. That would be his fatal flaw.

The abuser is pleased at the situation and goes easy on the loser the first day knowing he's getting the loser at a steal. At the end of the day he hands him a penny since they pay cash at the end of each work day. This goes on for two weeks without incident. Both sides are keeping their end of the deal. The loser works hard and the abuser pays him the agreed amount. At the end of the second week the loser gets his five dollars and twelve cents.

It was on Wednesday, the third week that the abuser noticed something amiss. He notices that he is handing the loser forty dollars and change. He knows that double that would be close to what the average worker makes a day in this warehouse. He goes back to the contract and does a little math. He sees that the contract says 30 working days, which is 6 full work weeks. On his 30th day, the loser would be owed more than 32 million dollars.

That would bankrupt the company. The abuser knew something needed to be done...

to be continued....

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