Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sorry For No New Entries

I have continued to have at least one job interview a week recently. I have had one at a fancy shopping bag making company in Manhattan, A T-shirt place in Brooklyn, and a place that makes refrigerator magnets in Jersey City.

Now I had time to write new entries in my blog but I foolishly decide to clean up my computer keys. My left move button wasn't working, so I took apart my keys, cleaned it with Q-tips and put it back on, only to find the letters c,v, and space bar stopped working. It's been two years since I got my computer and I usually have to get a new keyboard in that period of time. I had four in the 8 years I had my other computer. I have a Mac, but I am a bit far away from a Mac store, and had a hard time looking for keyboards on the internet because I couldn't look up words beginning with "c" and I couldn't look up things involving more than one word. So I had to get a sub standard one at Staples because it was the only one that was usable for a Mac. Actually it's not bad but it looks nothing like my Imac and even more egregious is the fact it doesn't have the USB ports I need to plug in my tablet and my copier so in the meantime I have to plug, umplug until I get an appropriate keyboard.

That's all

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