Friday, August 03, 2007

Cleaning Up Computer

I was trying to clean up my files on my computer, one of the things you need to do and one of the things I forget is to clean up my e-mail files. Actually I clean up my inbox and my other received boxes but the sent box was full, very full. I got rid of all the ones that involved job searching that's more than a week old, it took some time, because I had made 856 submissions since I go this e-mail account almost a year ago, it took up a lot of space. That's a lot of job submissions! I've only had 10 interviews from it, not including the two I had set up I couldn't go to because I had no car at the time.

Anyway, I had a new job interview yesterday in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. It went well I liked to work therer and the challenge to get more money by increasing volume was appealing to me, because I need a challenge, I do better on jobs that involve a challenge. The idea of working in Brooklyn is a drawback because of the commute. I applied because the hours were from 11 to 8, and traffic would be less of an issue. It still takes an hour to get there. I live near a ferry that would be shorter but the time of the rides would not be convienent, plus 200 dollars a week is way too much to spend on commuting.

Anyway, I had no issues with the commute but I will probably not get the job because Dave, the interviewer had concerns because he had been burned before. I tried to assure him otherwise. I want the job, it's a perfect one in many ways, except location and the idea of being refused for that reason is depressing.

That's the story of my life as a loser, someone up there wants me to struggle, if it ain't location, it's no responses, or a flat tire, or the lack of car. I wonder when the stars are going to align themselves in my favor.

I just want a simple job involving graphics with a reasonable commute and reasonable salary, so I can finally get going in my pursuit of a better life I deserve, and shove it in the faces of those who don't have faith in me.

Or at least just to relieve the stress of money.

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